Winter 2023 Tuesday Jones College Prep FCB Sports Basketball (Play For More!) – Player Stats

TeamPlayerTeam - PlayerTotal Points this SeasonNumber of Games PlayedAverage Points per GameWeek 1 PointsWeek 1 DH PointsWeek 2 PointsWeek 2 DH PointsWeek 3 PointsWeek 3 DH PointsWeek 4 PointsWeek 4 DH PointsWeek 5 PointsWeek 5 DH PointsQuarterfinals PointsSemifinals PointsChampionship Points
The Fab 456Will BrowningThe Fab 456 - Will Browning16723302422
5s and DimesAlexander Webb5s and Dimes - Alexander Webb432222518
Kelly's AngelsJonathan SooHooKelly's Angels - Jonathan SooHoo45120200
The Fab 456Sean BroderickThe Fab 456 - Sean Broderick02000
OG SquadDaphne BoomOG Squad - Daphne Boom3410030
OG Squadmatthew mardiksOG Squad - matthew mardiks258369062200
OG SquadTony WilliamsOG Squad - Tony Williams288446004680
NVR FNSHD at the RimBrian KitaNVR FNSHD at the Rim - Brian Kita148204020422
5s and DimesEric Plewka5s and Dimes - Eric Plewka145300464
OG SquadMalcolm WeaverOG Squad - Malcolm Weaver46591091827
NVR FNSHD at the RimMatt ConsolazioNVR FNSHD at the Rim - Matt Consolazio962220050
NVR FNSHD at the RimMaxwell CulleenNVR FNSHD at the Rim - Maxwell Culleen128223000520
Kelly's AngelsAdriel EcheverriaKelly's Angels - Adriel Echeverria115222043
OG SquadJeff CowieOG Squad - Jeff Cowie245575363
5s and DimesBatsi Zesaguli5s and Dimes - Batsi Zesaguli105222042
Kelly's AngelsBen HershbergerKelly's Angels - Ben Hershberger1763520343
NVR FNSHD at the RimAdam RussellNVR FNSHD at the Rim - Adam Russell13571930211719131619
5s and DimesAustin Smith5s and Dimes - Austin Smith1829126
OG SquadShawn EllisOG Squad - Shawn Ellis74711135810131015
The Fab 456Pore SricharoenThe Fab 456 - Pore Sricharoen887132378168521
5s and DimesJason Oppenheimer5s and Dimes - Jason Oppenheimer0400000
Kelly's AngelsEric HultingKelly's Angels - Eric Hulting44860921113207
NVR FNSHD at the RimOlivia TroyNVR FNSHD at the Rim - Olivia Troy833044
Kelly's AngelsCorbin TurnerKelly's Angels - Corbin Turner58610818212108
Kelly's AngelsKahlil EllisKelly's Angels - Kahlil Ellis8371218381318149
5s and DimesSARAH Hua5s and Dimes - SARAH Hua15726302202
The Fab 456Carlos EloisaThe Fab 456 - Carlos Eloisa557801161310114
NVR FNSHD at the RimAmanda McCaffertyNVR FNSHD at the Rim - Amanda McCafferty437613288426
Kelly's AngelsTyler WarrenKelly's Angels - Tyler Warren02000
OG SquadJames SalvadorOG Squad - James Salvador9423600
5s and DimesRyan I.5s and Dimes - Ryan I.6712022000
5s and DimesAnthony Q.5s and Dimes - Anthony Q.267400120905
5s and DimesKevin L.5s and Dimes - Kevin L.10710406000
Kelly's AngelsThomas L.Kelly's Angels - Thomas L.367580212860
Kelly's AngelsLauren J.Kelly's Angels - Lauren J.0100
Kelly's AngelsNatasha Y.Kelly's Angels - Natasha Y.0100
NVR FNSHD at the RimBridget NVR FNSHD at the Rim - Bridget 25742322673
NVR FNSHD at the RimAnthony NVR FNSHD at the Rim - Anthony 3133
NVR FNSHD at the RimBatsi NVR FNSHD at the Rim - Batsi 0100
OG SquadJuan L.OG Squad - Juan L.4710004000
OG SquadMike O.OG Squad - Mike O.30746880440
The Fab 456Jack B.The Fab 456 - Jack B.1062320122
The Fab 456Kevin J.The Fab 456 - Kevin J.88615101718131416
The Fab 456Kyle P.The Fab 456 - Kyle P.6710021030
OG SquadBatsi OG Squad - Batsi 2122
OG SquadAnthony OG Squad - Anthony 0100
Kelly's AngelsBradley HuffakerKelly's Angels - Bradley Huffaker497777258911
Kelly's AngelsAngie Z.Kelly's Angels - Angie Z.0400000
5s and DimesKahlil 5s and Dimes - Kahlil 02000
5s and DimesTomas 5s and Dimes - Tomas 24385118
5s and DimesKatie 5s and Dimes - Katie 125242402
OG SquadJohnny OG Squad - Johnny 32203
OG SquadMarc W.OG Squad - Marc W.43314131515
OG SquadRick R.OG Squad - Rick R.265543469
5s and DimesMatt 5s and Dimes - Matt 62306
NVR FNSHD at the RimSamad NVR FNSHD at the Rim - Samad 23466953
NVR FNSHD at the RimUri NVR FNSHD at the Rim - Uri 461200200
The Fab 456Matt M.The Fab 456 - Matt M.102537
NVR FNSHD at the RimMack NVR FNSHD at the Rim - Mack 25002000
OG SquadMax OG Squad - Max 6166
NVR FNSHD at the RimEmily NVR FNSHD at the Rim - Emily 02000
OG SquadJoanna OG Squad - Joanna 2410200
The Fab 456Anthony The Fab 456 - Anthony 22120
The Fab 456Eric The Fab 456 - Eric 2122
The Fab 456Matt The Fab 456 - Matt 8188
5s and DimesTony 5s and Dimes - Tony 1011010
5s and DimesPau 5s and Dimes - Pau 000
Kelly's AngelsMatt Kelly's Angels - Matt 0100
Kelly's AngelsKevin Kelly's Angels - Kevin 1126110
Kelly's AngelsCarlos Kelly's Angels - Carlos 8188
5s and DimesChristine 5s and Dimes - Christine 0100
The Fab 456Anthony Q.The Fab 456 - Anthony Q.2122
NVR FNSHD at the RimMatt M.NVR FNSHD at the Rim - Matt M.2122
NVR FNSHD at the RimTomas NVR FNSHD at the Rim - Tomas 5155
The Fab 456Kevin The Fab 456 - Kevin 0100
The Fab 456Bonnie The Fab 456 - Bonnie 2122