Winter 2019 Thursday Walter payton Men’s Basketball – Week 10

Abusement Park (5-4) vs. Premature Shooters (3-5) – Thursday, 21, 2019 In this Play-in game, the #4 seed, Abusement Park, took on the #7 seed, Premature Shooters. Abusement Park got a significantwin by the score of 65-51 against Premature Shooters.  They really showed up on D in this game, beating their season points against average…

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Spring 2018 Sat DePaul Men’s Rec Basketball – Week 8

Team Roberson (6-2) vs. Cheeky Teasers (0-8) – Saturday, June 16, and 2018 In this Quarter-Final game, the #1 seed, Team Roberson, took on the #6 seed, Cheeky Teasers. Team Roberson earned a solid tally in the win column by the score of 76-65. Donald Banks had a monster game and handled the bulk of…

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