Pickup Games

Pickup Games

Pickup Games

Are you looking to play without the commitment of a league? Grab A Game organizes over 40 weekly pickup games in and around Chicago. If you travel for work, then this is a great way to stay active with your favorite sport. Participants love these one-hour to two-hour games because they can sign up by themselves or with friends. Pickup games and weekly tournaments run smoothly because a Grab A Game host is present at each event. Participants pay $10-$15 per game for Basketball, Soccer, Indoor Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Floor Hockey and more.

Everyone in attendance is guaranteed plenty of playing time because space is limited for each game. It's easy to save your spot with the option to reschedule up to two hours before the start time using the registration system powered by MindBody. New players feel welcome and regulars return to their favorite games each week.

Use the table below to find a game that works for your schedule or visit GrabAGame.com to learn more.


All games are open to males and females, but there is no required gender ratio.

5v5 Basketball

5v5, 6v6, 7v7, and 8v8 Indoor Soccer

8v8, 9v9, and 11v11 Outdoor Soccer

4v4 and 6v6 Indoor Volleyball
Rec (C), Intermediate (B), Upper-Intermediate (B+/BB), and Competitive (A)

4v4, and 6v6 Beach Volleyball
Rec (C), Intermediate (B), Upper-Intermediate (B+/BB), and Competitive (A)

5v5 and 6v6 Floor Hockey

Kickball, Softball, and Cricket coming summer 2019!

A Grab A Game host on site at each game ensures everything runs smoothly and players get the most out of their playing time. Each player can expect about an hour of actual playing time or more for Basketball, Soccer, and Floor Hockey Games. Volleyball is limited to six players per team and two teams per court so all players get to play the whole time.

Most of the time, all you need to bring is yourself. However, for certain sports such as Floor Hockey, players often bring their own stick and eyewear. We have extra floor hockey sticks and goalie gear for players to borrow. 

We'll always provide the equipment, court/field set-up, and balls needed to play.

Soccer players are encouraged to bring shin guards, but they're not required.

Check the event description for suggestions on footwear - specifically for soccer events.

For games where teams need to be differentiated by jersey color, such as soccer, we will provide clean pinnies.

Grab A Game


Our pickup games are open to all skill levels. Volleyball games have a specific skill level assigned to each event ranging from Recreational (C) to Competitive (A). For all of our other sports, we typically see intermediate level players, but recreational and competitive players feel welcome when they attend. Grab A Game hosts are experts at making balanced teams so the competition is well-matched. Click here to check out the skill level descriptions specific to volleyball.

Floor Hockey Pickup


The recreational level is geared towards participants that are just looking to have fun. This is the most basic level that the CSSC offers, you can think of it as the "beginners" level. Participants that play at this level are out to enjoy themselves and not out for the sheer competition of the  sport. Most players have not played on an organized team before or have only played for a couple of seasons. This is a great level for beginning teams to start and a great way to begin your team's dynasty.



The intermediate level is geared towards participants who are still relatively new to the sport but are seeking a little bit more competition. You can think of it as the "middle of the road" level. Participants that play at this level have a good knowledge of the rules and the game and are ready to become more competitive but are still not all that serious. Most participants at this level have played for a few seasons. This is a great level for those teams that have had success at the recreational level and are now ready to step their game up!

Indoor Volleyball Pickup


The Competitive level is geared towards the participant that has played their respective sport for a large portion of their life and enjoys the sheer competition of the sport. You can think of this level as the "professional's" level. Participants at this level should definitely have their game face on and expect a tough game. This is great level for those of you who are in it to win it!



The Open level is available to all levels of play. It is "open" to everyone. It is a combination of skill levels that usually skews towards the intermediate level, depending on the sport.