Pickle Bash Tournament

Pickle Bash Tournament

Grab your paddle and a partner and get LET'S GO! It's time for the Lincoln Yards Open.

Join us Saturday, June 22nd from 9am to 3pm at Big City Pickle Lincoln Yards for your favorite Chicago Pickleball Tournament Series.

There's guaranteed 3 matches of play, tournament t-shirt, $2,000 in prizes, Top teams will qualify for end of season Tournament of Champions.

Divisions of Play

Doubles 3.4 & Under*

Mixed Doubles 3.5-3.9
Mixed Doubles 4.0-4.4

Women 3.5-3.9
Women 4.0-4.4

Men’s 3.5-3.9
Men’s 4.0-4.4
Men’s 4.5+


Following later this Summer, you can also join us for The Pickle Bash Tournament Series at our other locations including Fulton Market and the Gold Coast.

Divisions of Play:

  • Coed 2.5-3.4 (Rec)
  • Coed 3.5-4.4 (Int)
  • Coed 4.5+ (Comp)
  • Women 2.5-3.4 (Rec)
  • Women 3.5-4.4 (Int)
  • Women 4.5+ (Comp)
  • Men 2.5-3.4 (Rec)
  • Men 3.5-4.4 (Int)
  • Men 4.5+ (Comp)