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The newest addition to the CSSC roster is the game of WhirlyBall! Never played before? You’re in for the most fun you ever had in a bumper car. Teams of 5 jump in “WhirlyBugs” (bumper cars) and use their best strategy to pass, shoot, and score on their opponents. Your equipment will include a scoop and a whiffle ball. You will score on a circular target at either end of the court on a backboard. Just give it a whirl and you will be hooked!

This incredibly entertaining sport is played at WhirlyBall located at 1825 W. Webster. The season will consist of 6 weeks of regular play followed by single-elimination playoffs. Each week teams will play (1-3) 15-30 minute games against different opponents.Whether you’re out to have a good time with friends and co-workers or be the master of an obscure sport, our WhirlyBall leagues are for you!


Coed 5 vs. 5 (3 Men/2 Women on the court) - recommended 10 players on roster


7 guaranteed weeks with 1-3 games played per night within 1.5 hours, league administration, team jerseys, equipment. certified referee and CSSC staff, playoffs for qualifying teams, prizes for winners and drink and/or food specials at the sponsor bar.


Each whirlyball team jersey set includes the following pre-bundled sizes (No exchanges): 2S, 3M, 2L, 1XL

Teams may purchase additional shirts or sizes for $5 per shirt.

Day ⬍ Location ⬍ Gender ⬍ Level ⬍ Format ⬍ Time ⬍ Starts ⬍ Team ⬍ Free Agent ⬍
Whirlyball Monday   WhirlyBall Coed Open 5 v 5 7:00PM - 10:30PM 01/28/2019 $800 $95
Starts: Jan 28, 2019
Times: 7:00PM - 10:30PM
Division: Open
Days: Mon
Location: WhirlyBall
Team/Indy: $800/$95


  • WhirlyBall 

    • 1825 W. Webster, Chicago, IL


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