Picture bumper cars meets lacrosse meets quidditch. We offer recreational coed whirlyball leagues in Lincoln Park. The season will consist of 6 weeks of regular play followed by single-elimination playoffs. Each week teams will play (1-3) 15-30 minute games against different opponents.

Our player perks include sponsor bars (where you are sure to secure great drink specials each week), custom designed champ shirts and various sponsor giveaways each season make this league a win!

With Chicago Sport & Social Club, it’s more than a game. Join in on the fun, team competition and camaraderie of a whirlyball league.


Coed 5 vs. 5 (3 Men/2 Women on the court) - recommended 10 players on roster


7 guaranteed weeks with 1-3 games played per night within 1.5 hours, league administration, team jerseys, equipment. certified referee and CSSC staff, playoffs for qualifying teams, prizes for winners and drink and/or food specials at the sponsor bar.


Each whirlyball team jersey set includes the following pre-bundled sizes (No exchanges): 2S, 3M, 2L, 1XL

Teams may purchase additional shirts or sizes for $5 per shirt.

Day ⬍ Location ⬍ Gender ⬍ Level ⬍ Format ⬍ Time ⬍ Starts ⬍ Team ⬍ Free Agent ⬍
Whirlyball Monday   WhirlyBall Coed Open 5 v 5 7:00PM - 10:00PM 04/15/2019 $800 $95
Starts: Apr 15, 2019
Times: 7:00PM - 10:00PM
Division: Open
Days: Mon
Location: WhirlyBall
Team/Indy: $800/$95


  • WhirlyBall 

    • 1825 W. Webster, Chicago, IL


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