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TeamPlayerTotal Points this SeasonNumber of Games PlayedAverage Points per GameWeek 1 PointsWeek 2 PointsWeek 3 PointsWeek 4 PointsWeek 5 PointsWeek 6 PointsWeek 7 PointsSemifinals PointsChampionship Points
Fred Hampton and the CrewCharles Lenoir78613.012101581518
Crimson CHIdeJack Cinefro000.0
INDY Team #3Kelton Pickett85614.214201115718
INDY Team #3Kelcie Pickett2163.5308271
Crimson CHIdeJoseph Longville2454.842945
Fred Hampton and the CrewAdum Gross86810.81950121341617
Fred Hampton and the CrewJonathan Gross3248.018905
INDY Team #3Pete Jackson450.820020
Fred Hampton and the CrewKeven Wilson4367.28287711
Fred Hampton and the CrewRalph Paulk1427.0014
Fred Hampton and the CrewJosh Armstrong030.0000
Fred Hampton and the CrewFred Brown3384.1701059002
Fred Hampton and the CrewWill Barefield1052.070300
INDY Team #3Damien Smith4276.072645513
Pistol PeteNick Greenlee47315.7161219
Crimson CHIdeBen Johnson3957.811103114
INDY Team #3Deandre Sangster2646.59944
INDY Team #3Roymone Johnson-Brown3766.210110349
INDY Team #3Antione Brewer80516.014961833
Pistol PetePeter Sorenson41220.51229
Crimson CHIdeMatt Rinne65610.81216616312
Crimson CHIdeandrew Grossman221.002
Crimson CHIdeAnthony Enea670.94000020
Pistol PeteDan Williams3448.582042
Pistol PeteZachary Incaudo1628.0124
Pistol PeteMark Fennerty56511.26199616
Pistol PeteColin O'Donnell3256.4132665
INDY Team #3Garrett Haddad040.00000
Pistol PeteBrett Dolan4959.81594156
Crimson CHIdeGibson Kallstrom450.802200
Crimson CHIdeAJ Herrmann741.82203
Crimson CHIdeMatthew Ernst4075.720924167
INDY Team #3Jacob Brandner2773.90542835
INDY Team #3Tyler Moore010.00
Crimson CHIdeArthur010.00
Fred Hampton and the CrewMarshaun010.00
Fred Hampton and the CrewJoe Howard6379.04268111130
Fred Hampton and the CrewEvell Jones5878.3612813964
Crimson CHIdeJohn Galioto010.00
INDY Team #3Sub #122211.0517
INDY Team #3Sub #2414.04
INDY Team #3Jamal010.00
Pistol PeteSpencer1929.5136
Fred Hampton and the CrewWilson818.08
Fred Hampton and the CrewAdam Ross431.3202
INDY Team #3Andre010.00
Crimson CHIdeErikk Moore3147.821568
Crimson CHIdeJohn Galioto010.00
Crimson CHIdeBrandon M.717.07

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