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TeamPlayerTotal Points this SeasonNumber of Games PlayedAverage Points per GameWeek 1 PointsWeek 2 PointsWeek 3 PointsWeek 4 PointsWeek 5 PointsWeek 6 PointsWeek 7 PointsWeek 8 Points
The Yankee CandlesLuke Oboy180630253841322519
Multiple ScorgasmsJoe Lamondi130718.6225923253511
Buddy and PalsDanny Paschen127718.21217252616238
517's FinestGrant122717.5241231921178
Multiple ScorgasmsSteve Higgenbotham80613.411015241416
Bad News BarristersGina Ambrose73612.28019191512
Buddy and PalsJacob Beecher6979.911111487513
517's FinestTyler6879.810317616142
517's FinestJack Grady6278.9945711422
Better Call GasolRyan Miller6278.98710213913
Carlos BoozersChris Johnson6178.812610013614
The TanglersJonathan Thorsell5678182881307
The TanglersGabriela Diamond5569.2781411123
The Yankee CandlesScott Gring5377.61421311220
Carlos BoozersAmie Bauer5077.21031561114
Carlos BoozersRyan4968.219612750
Buddy and PalsCade Conner4676.61007521210
Bad News BarristersTerry4285.3865311225
Better Call GasolMatt Bragg4175.938011658
Hit It and Quit ItJan Szarwark3875.5110136602
Bad News BarristersAnnabelle Borota3775.358150009
Hit It and Quit ItDoug Bach3775.3615210004
Multiple ScorgasmsHayes Cascia3749.30161011
Hit It and Quit ItWestley Volk3675.24566735
Hit It and Quit ItAnthony Nguyen357510760246
Hit It and Quit ItChelsey35311.7121112
517's Finestnolan ruffing34311.412814
517's FinestPiper3465.70419560
Multiple ScorgasmsAddison Korzun3374.821640002
Bad News BarristersEric Ladwig3256.4821660
Better Call GasolMatt Watters3274.67282463
Carlos BoozersMatthew Broadfoot3274.66068705
The Yankee Candlesstuart saules3274.66473462
Buddy and PalsFrancisco Madrigal3056912900
Bad News BarristersRyan Baer3074.3137100000
Hit It and Quit ItAlex Darrah2964.961120100
The Yankee CandlesDerek Fujii287414404015
Bad News BarristersMichael Cederoth287462201350
Better Call GasolConnor Erickson2773.98620056
Better Call GasolAimee Gottlieb2673.841163002
The TanglersErik Newman2673.804502411
Buddy and PalsTommy Paschen2573.60467062
517's FinestHaibo2464247830
Better Call GasolTyler2473.562061000
Bad News BarristersPatrick Creagh2382.932252522
Carlos BoozersSara Weitzel2363.9763061
Multiple ScorgasmsAnthony2212222
Buddy and PalsCarolyn Sandrick2273.24260505
The TanglersKatie Knapp2273.25602522
Carlos BoozersTJ2254.4242113
The TanglersCassie Vasudevan2145.319200
Bad News BarristersColin Schawillie21733607050
Hit It and Quit ItKendall Minta2163.5940440
Carlos BoozersKyle Stover21730047343
The TanglersSpenser Buenzli21732273052
517's FinestCindy Uecker1953.842346
Multiple ScorgasmsMaggie1911919
Multiple ScorgasmsMichael Lampariello1963.2078022
Multiple ScorgasmsAndrew Wilson1811818
Bad News BarristersJoe18632421000
Hit It and Quit ItEllie Eccles1672.34071400
Better Call GasolJoe1511515
Multiple ScorgasmsLyon1511515
Buddy and PalsMeghan Day1462.4200084
Buddy and PalsAlana Eatinger1371.90046030
Bad News BarristersGuy1326.549
Carlos BoozersJenna Bauer1352.606214
The TanglersJoe Ficaro1371.90004342
Multiple ScorgasmsLizzy LoGrande1252.406402
The Yankee CandlesSub122684
Carlos BoozersTommy Goodman12342100
Multiple ScorgasmsAllison Grosky1071.52422000
Multiple ScorgasmsJacki Berardi1061.7000226
517's FinestKate102546
Hit It and Quit ItLizzie1061.7120340
The TanglersAdam Siadek971.30000306
Carlos BoozersAmir924.590
Bad News BarristersBari Singer981.200040500
Multiple ScorgasmsSara Fruendt971.32032002
Better Call GasolAlie Bruegger871.23020003
The TanglersGeoffrey Vasudevan861.4224000
The TanglersAnna Zeng62342
The Yankee CandlesEmily Powell670.90000330
Hit It and Quit ItMichelle670.90002004
Better Call GasolMolly Kelly Bragg670.90024000
Bad News Barristersdavid resis531.7032
517's FinestAllison4410220
The Yankee CandlesAmy Rose Carle460.7220000
517's FinestChelsey4144
Better Call GasolLiz4412200
Buddy and PalsHannah Marriott370.53000000
The TanglersMike321.530
The Yankee CandlesRachel Mangus370.51002000
Bad News BarristersAlex0100
Buddy and PalsBrett Szafasz000
The Yankee CandlesEmma Lane05000000

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