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TeamPlayerTotal Points this SeasonNumber of Games PlayedAverage Points per GameWeek 1 PointsWeek 2 PointsWeek 3 PointsWeek 4 PointsWeek 5 PointsWeek 6 Points
The Yankee CandlesLuke Oboy13643425384132
517's FinestGrant97519.4241231921
Buddy and PalsDanny Paschen96519.21217252616
Multiple ScorgasmsJoe Lamondi84516.822592325
The TanglersGabriela Diamond52510.478141112
517's FinestTyler52510.410317616
Buddy and PalsJacob Beecher51510.211111487
Multiple ScorgasmsSteve Higgenbotham50412.51101524
The TanglersJonathan Thorsell4968.218288130
Better Call GasolRyan Miller4968.287102139
Bad News BarristersGina Ambrose46411.5801919
Carlos BoozersRyan44411196127
Carlos BoozersChris Johnson4158.212610013
517's FinestJack Grady3657.2945711
Hit It and Quit ItJan Szarwark3657.21101366
Bad News BarristersTerry3565.98653112
517's Finestnolan ruffing34311.412814
Hit It and Quit ItDoug Bach3356.66152100
Better Call GasolMatt Bragg3365.53801165
Multiple ScorgasmsAddison Korzun3156.2216400
The Yankee CandlesScott Gring3156.21421311
Buddy and PalsFrancisco Madrigal303109129
Bad News BarristersRyan Baer30561371000
Better Call GasolMatt Watters2964.9728246
Bad News BarristersAnnabelle Borota2855.6581500
517's FinestPiper284704195
Hit It and Quit ItWestley Volk2855.645667
Carlos BoozersMatthew Broadfoot2755.460687
Bad News BarristersEric Ladwig2638.78216
Carlos BoozersAmie Bauer2555103156
Hit It and Quit ItAnthony Nguyen2555107602
Better Call GasolAimee Gottlieb24644116300
Buddy and PalsCade Conner2454.8100752
The Yankee Candlesstuart saules2454.864734
Better Call GasolTyler24646206100
Hit It and Quit ItChelsey23211.51211
Bad News BarristersMichael Cederoth2354.6622013
Multiple ScorgasmsAnthony2212222
Carlos BoozersSara Weitzel2254.476306
The TanglersCassie Vasudevan21371920
Better Call GasolConnor Erickson2163.5862005
517's FinestHaibo2145.32478
The TanglersKatie Knapp2063.4560252
Hit It and Quit ItAlex Darrah1944.861120
Multiple ScorgasmsMaggie1911919
Bad News BarristersPatrick Creagh1963.2322525
The TanglersSpenser Buenzli1963.2227305
Multiple ScorgasmsAndrew Wilson1811818
Bad News BarristersJoe1844.524210
Buddy and PalsCarolyn Sandrick1753.442605
Hit It and Quit ItKendall Minta1744.39404
Buddy and PalsTommy Paschen1753.404670
Bad News BarristersColin Schawillie1653.236070
Hit It and Quit ItEllie Eccles1653.240714
Multiple ScorgasmsHayes Cascia1628016
The TanglersErik Newman1562.5045024
Multiple ScorgasmsLyon1511515
Multiple ScorgasmsMichael Lampariello1543.80780
Carlos BoozersKyle Stover1452.800473
The Yankee CandlesDerek Fujii1352.614404
The TanglersJoe Ficaro1161.9000434
Buddy and PalsAlana Eatinger105200460
Multiple ScorgasmsAllison Grosky105224220
517's FinestKate102546
Multiple ScorgasmsLizzy LoGrande1033.4064
Bad News BarristersBari Singer961.5000405
517's FinestCindy Uecker933423
Carlos BoozersJenna Bauer942.30621
The TanglersGeoffrey Vasudevan851.622400
The Yankee CandlesSub8188
Carlos BoozersTJ832.7242
Multiple ScorgasmsSara Fruendt751.420320
The TanglersAnna Zeng62342
Hit It and Quit ItLizzie641.51203
Better Call GasolMolly Kelly Bragg661002400
Better Call GasolAlie Bruegger560.9302000
The Yankee CandlesAmy Rose Carle4412200
Bad News BarristersGuy4144
Better Call GasolLiz431.4220
The TanglersAdam Siadek360.5000030
Bad News Barristersdavid resis321.503
The Yankee CandlesEmily Powell350.600003
Buddy and PalsHannah Marriott350.630000
The TanglersMike3133
The Yankee CandlesRachel Mangus350.610020
517's FinestAllison22102
Multiple ScorgasmsJacki Berardi240.50002
Buddy and PalsMeghan Day240.52000
Hit It and Quit ItMichelle250.400020
Carlos BoozersTommy Goodman2122
Buddy and PalsBrett Szafasz000
The Yankee CandlesEmma Lane030000

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