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TeamPlayerTotal Points this SeasonNumber of Games PlayedAverage Points per GameWeek 1 PointsWeek 2 PointsWeek 3 PointsWeek 4 PointsWeek 5 Points
BelvedereBrad Sherman71514.217242280
4 Jerks and A DribbleNicholas Edgecombe67416.81222033
Hi Fi NationJohn65416.32991215
With Our BallsMatt62415.52421170
Team CheeseIan Horvath6051214715240
Hi Fi NationTom Campbell604152511024
Yes or YesCJ Ryan57414.32216811
Team CheeseBrett Paul54510.8160161210
Yes or YesCharlie Herr49412.3817186
TBD (Mack)Alex Jeske48316141024
With Our BallsPeter484121215912
With Our BallsTim46315.4111619
Yes or YesTom Herr42410.5169152
Yes or YesMark O'Connor3949.874235
Wet NetsSanchez3849.51216010
With Our BallsEric3749.3128017
Hi Fi NationMitch3749.320584
With Our BallsMartin3348.380718
Data Driven DunksMichael3356.6139047
Team CheeseRocky3356.6726810
Wet NetsJohn31310.401714
Wet NetsJimmy3031071112
Yes or YesSteven3047.5531111
Wet NetsTrevor Jelonek3047.519209
Wet NetsTrevor M29214.5821
Data Driven DunksBen Luo2855.66001111
Yes or YesBrian Pollard2538.49115
Wet NetsKeenan2546.351109
Yes or YesRobert Devine2546.301177
Team CheeseJamile2354.6210065
Team CheeseMark Noth2354.666704
BelvedereAdam Goldberg2254.4600610
Hi Fi NationMatt Runge2245.522000
4 Jerks and A DribbleBrendan Byrne2145.323214
Data Driven DunksVictor Ramirez2154.280436
Wet NetsEdward Sesay1944.88371
4 Jerks and A DribblePatrick Krueger1944.80289
Data Driven DunksBryan Berend18361602
Hi Fi NationKeith Butala1844.56084
Team CheeseColin Doyle1735.7953
Data Driven DunksAlex1611616
Data Driven DunksErik Zimmer1653.282006
TBD (Mack)Jared1635.44102
4 Jerks and A DribbleKevin Fagan16440286
Hi Fi NationChris Behrns1527.5213
BelvedereAlex Shaffer1452.840730
Hi Fi NationJ Alexander1411414
4 Jerks and A DribbleBrendan Shilney1343.30256
4 Jerks and A DribbleDrew Aschermann1343.32407
Hi Fi NationMario1311313
TBD (Mack)Nick Surgess1226120
BelvedereAaron Choi1152.204205
With Our BallsBrian Foote1142.80290
TBD (Mack)Adam Schnitkey1033.4208
TBD (Mack)Jake Tersigni1033.4604
Yes or YesLouis Baker1042.50055
With Our BallsRich1042.50028
BelvedereBrandon Shimiaie942.33006
Data Driven DunksJaiveer Kothari8424202
Data Driven DunksDan Bryan751.450200
TBD (Mack)Mick732.4403
TBD (Mack)Christopher Mack632303
Team CheeseKevin Blaha632006
BelvedereMac Sochor651.230003
Data Driven DunksPaul van Vliet651.203300
4 Jerks and A DribbleTrent Schumann641.51500
Team CheeseAndrew5155
With Our BallsJason531.7500
Team CheeseJohn55120300
TBD (Mack)Jack Euritt431.4040
Team CheeseKevin431.4040
Data Driven DunksShedd4144
4 Jerks and A DribbleBrock Jones331030
Hi Fi NationDan McGowan340.83000
Hi Fi NationGuy3133
Data Driven DunksAustin Tolentino250.400002
TBD (Mack)Morgan Rankey230.7020
Wet NetsNick Griffin130.4010
Wet NetsAlex02000
Data Driven DunksRyan Rosenberg000
Data Driven DunksShen Ni000
TBD (Mack)Tyler Tumpane02000

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