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TeamPlayerTotal Points this SeasonNumber of Games PlayedAverage Points per GameWeek 1 Points
Clip 3.0Jay2612626
Return Pt5Tim2612626
Evanston ReviewJack Mallers2412424
GrubBucketsIsaac Matthews1911919
Return Pt5Jason1611616
Booked for 30Nigel Hammett1511515
GrubBucketsSpencer Arroyo1511515
Evanston ReviewBrandon Taylor1411414
The UnregulatorsJohn Boyle1411414
Booked for 30Tray1411414
INDY Team #6Jacob Posch1211212
INDY Team #6Denny Flynn1111111
Return Pt5Hoffman1111111
Booked for 30Dwayne Cecil1011010
Sweat It OutTaylor Dee1011010
Clip 3.0Mark9199
Booked for 30Matt8188
Booked for 30Nehemiah8188
Clip 3.0Bryne7177
Clip 3.0George7177
Sweat It OutJonathan Burnham7177
Return Pt5Nate7177
The UnregulatorsDimitri6166
Sweat It OutMark Blaker6166
Return Pt5Ross6166
Sweat It OutJeff Lough5155
Evanston ReviewMatt Munro5155
Sweat It OutNathaniel Woodson5155
GrubBucketsPatrick Sahakian5155
Sweat It OutBob Perry4144
Sweat It OutBrian Harrigan4144
INDY Team #6John Klare4144
The UnregulatorsSamson4144
The UnregulatorsSylvester4144
Booked for 30Trea Kates4144
Sweat It OutBrian Dibbert3133
Return Pt5John Restrepo3133
Evanston ReviewAndrew Markey2122
INDY Team #6Brendan Begley2122
Clip 3.0Jimmy2122
Sweat It OutJustin Morris2122
Evanston ReviewMax Anderson2122
Clip 3.0Mike2122
Evanston ReviewAdam Eldibany0100
Evanston ReviewAdam Morton0100
The UnregulatorsAdam Zaabel000
GrubBucketsAlex Knips000
Booked for 30Brian Peters000
The UnregulatorsBrian Rush0100
The UnregulatorsChris DosSantos0100
GrubBucketsConnor Riordan000
The UnregulatorsDavid Johnson000
Evanston ReviewGeorge Magnuson0100
GrubBucketsJaimin Patel0100
The UnregulatorsJames Burgoon000
Clip 3.0Jason Sotira000
INDY Team #6John King000
INDY Team #6John Rohr0100
Evanston ReviewJoseph DeGrand0100
Clip 3.0Kevin Priebe000
GrubBucketsKyle Harris0100
INDY Team #6Louis Brown000
GrubBucketsOshoke Umolu000
The UnregulatorsRyan Naan0100
INDY Team #6Sam Winner000
INDY Team #6Sean Callahan000

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