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Wet Dream Team (3-6) vs. Windy City Bulls (2-6) – March 14, 2019

Wet Dream Team got a great win by the score of 67-54 against Windy City Bulls.  This team really brought their A game on defense in this game, beating their season points against average of 62.6  points per game.  Taylor Dee had a huge game to spearhead the crew’s Offense with 25 points followed by Robert Czar with 22, Joe P with 12, Chris Bauwer added 6 and Garret Vanhal added 2.  Windy City Bulls really were unable to get rolling in this one, scoring fewer than their average of 64.5 points per game this season.  Brandon Taylor netted 18 points for Windy City Bulls, Jack mallers added 16, Bill Baffes with 10, john Kountoures contributed 7 and Tyler Albertson with 3.  The win for Wet Dream Team means a ticket to quarter-finals.  Without much of a rest, they jumped straight into that game the same night. Read the recap below to see if they advanced on to the semi-finals.  Hopefully the loss doesn’t haunt Windy City Bulls too much. There’s always next season.


One Time (8-0) vs. Wet Dream Team (3-6) – March 14, 2019

One Time, the #1 seed, matched up against the #9 seed, Wet Dream Team in this Quarter-Final game. The last time these two teams met in week 4, One Time won 70-59.  This time around, the results weren’t much different.   By the count of 72-54, One Time got a big W, to remain undefeated this season against Wet Dream Team.  These guys really stepped up on the defensive end in this one, beating their season points against average of 65.1 points per game.  Tony Moeaki had a quality game to steer the group’s attack with 24 points. While AJ Adekoya contributed 14, Fabs with 12, Dan Buoniconti helped with 10, David added 7 and Sam Carlson with 5.  Wet Dream Team really struggled to get it going in this game, scoring less than their average of 64.4 points per game this season.  The leading scorer for Wet Dream Team was Taylor Dee who scored 15 points followed closely by Robert Czar with 14.  While Joe P with 9, Alex Garvey with 7, Chris Bauwer with 5, Garret Vanhal with 4.  The win for One Time means a ticket to semi-finals.  Whichever team emerges as the winner will advance to the championship game. Unfortunately for Wet Dream Team, this loss means the end of their season.


Time to Ball (4-4) vs. Past Our Prime (0-8) – March 14, 2019

In this Play-in game, the #7 seed, Time to Ball, took on the #10 seed, Past Our Prime.  Time to Ball got a lopsided win by the score of 86-52, to get their third-straight win and stay in a grove against Past Our Prime.  These guys are the highest-scoring team in the league for the season, averaging 81.8 points per game.  Raymond Lichter had a solid showing to help gain the group the win with 23 points. While Chris Stamas added 21, Josip Petrusic with 17, Zoran Planinic with 13, Michael Mulroe helped with 12.  Past Our Prime really struggled to stop anything on defense in this game, giving up more points than their average of 77.1 points against per game this season.   Derek G went for 14 points for Past Our Prime followed by Alan Harper with 11, Jabar Holland added 8, Matt Boudreau with 6,  Mike Goldstein with 5, and Dan Bruno added 2.  Time to Ball continue on their road to victory.  Since the quarter-final was a double header for these guys, check out the game recap below to see how they did! On the bright side for Past Our Prime, this loss means they can save their legs and recharge for next season.


LFG (7-1) vs. Time to Ball (4-4) – March 14, 2019

In this Quarter-Final game, the #2 seed, LFG, took on the #7 seed, Time to Ball.  LFG got a crushing W by the score of 96-64, to earn their sixth-straight W against Time to Ball.  This team brought it, topping their points per game average of 78.0.  Luke F had a tremendous game to help gain the crew the winner’s circle with 31 points While Sean Anthony added 16, Jordan Gipson and Sterling Williams each added 15. Despite the loss, Time to Ball is the highest-powered team in the league this season, their average of 81.8 PPG for the year.  Zoran Planinic scored 27 points for Time to Ball while Josip Petrusic added 21. While This week’s win advances LFG to semi-finals the winner will move on to the championship match. Time to Ball is done with playoffs, which means it’s time for a team meeting at the bar to regroup for next season!


Extra Moist (4-4) vs. Trees and Threes (5-3) – March 14, 2019

They weren’t the favored team, but Extra Moist, the #6 seed upset the #3 seed, Trees and Threes, in this Quarter-Final matches.  With a score of 57-52, Extra Moist got a W against Trees and Threes.  They really showed some grit in this contest, emerging victorious, despite scoring less than their avg. PPG of 63.4. Hendrik G had a nice week to help earn the squad the W with 22 points while Robert Mischler added 16. Trees and Threes really didn’t have their best stuff in terms of scoring in this one, scoring less than their average of 74.3 points per game this year.  The leading scorer for Trees and Threes was Elliot E who scored 18 points. The win for Extra Moist means a ticket to semi-finals whichever team emerges as the winner will advance to the championship game.  Hopefully the loss doesn’t haunt Trees and Threes too much. There’s always next season.