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Winter 2019 Thurs Walter Payton Men’s Comp Basketball – Week 1

Abusement Park (1-0) vs. Extra Moist (0-1) – Thursday, January 17, 2019

Abusement Park got a win by the score of 62-57 against Extra Moist. Sam Collins had a nice game to help earn the club the win with 22 points and Duncan L had 19 points. The season is still young, and Extra Moist has plenty of games to go back to the drawing board on offense. Even in a losing effort, Andrew Bargmann had a strong game to lead the squad’s offense with 15 points, while Henry Biermann had 13 points. Wet Dream Team (0-1-0) is next on the schedule for Abusement Park, as they look for another win early on this season. For Extra Moist they will have a date with Premature Shooters (1-0-0) as they strive to come back from this one.


One Time (1-0) vs. LFG (0-1) – Thursday, January 17, 2019

By the score of 67-61, One Time got a victory against LFG. Sam Carlson had a quality week to help earn the team the W with 18 points, Tony Moeaki went for 15 points and Reilly O’Toole with 12 points. Even with a loss under their belt, LFG has a long season ahead of them to make-up for it. Even in a losing effort, Luke F had a nice week with 19 points and Jordan Gipson netted 11 points. This week One Time will take on Trees and Threes (1-0-0), as they look for another win early on this season. For LFG they will have a match-up against Time to Ball (0-1-0) as they look to rebound.


Premature Shooters (1-0) vs. Past Our Prime (0-1) – Thursday, January 17, 2019

Premature Shooters got a significant tally in the win column by the score of 66-51 against Past Our Prime. Andrew Castagnetti and John Hayes both had strong games to lead the club’s Offense with 15 points each. Despite losing, it is still early and Past Our Prime have many weeks to get better on offense before play-offs. Even in a losing effort, Alec Weber and Mike Goldstein had good performances to guide the team’s Offense with 11 points a piece.  Exiting week 1, Premature Shooters will look ahead to keep their early season momentum. This week Premature Shooters will go toe to toe with Extra Moist (0-1-0).   For Past Our Prime they’ll move on to a pairing against Windy City Bulls (1-0-0) as they try to get to the win column.


Windy City Bulls (1-0) vs. Wet Dream Team (0-1) – Thursday, January 17, 2019

Windy City Bulls and Wet Dream Team were extremely neck and neck in this match-up. With a score of 68-66, Windy City Bulls got a nail-biting W against Wet Dream Team. Brandon Taylor had a quality game to help earn the crew the victory with 18 points and Jack Mallers netted 11 points. It’s only week 1, and Wet Dream Team has a lot of time to get better on the offensive end. Even in a losing effort, Eric Moeller had a solid performance to lead the team’s offense with 19 points, while Garret Vanhal netted 13 points, and Christopher Rickert with 12 points. Exiting week 1, Windy City Bulls will look ahead to keep their early season momentum. Past Our Prime (0-1-0) is next on the docket for Windy City Bulls.   For Wet Dream Team they will have a showdown with Abusement Park (1-0-0) as they attempt to come back from this one.


Trees and Threes (1-0) vs. Time to Ball (0-1) – Thursday, January 17, 2019

Trees and Threes and Time to Ball lit up the scoreboard, combining for 155 points. Trees and Threes got a great W by the score of 85-70 against Time to Ball. Aaron Wellington had a solid week to spearhead the team’s offense with 24 points. It’s only the first week, and Time to Ball has tons of opportunities to improve on offense. Even in the loss, Chris Stamas had a gigantic game with 35 points and Raymond Lichter had 19 points.  Trees and Threes will try to stay atop the Standings with another W in week 2. One Time (1-0-0) are next on the docket for Trees and Threes.   As for Time to Ball next up is a contest against LFG (0-1-0) as they attempt to rebound.