Summer 2022 Sunday Drucker Center Coed REC-INT Basketball – Player Stats

TeamPlayerTotal Points this SeasonNumber of Games PlayedAverage Points per GameWeek 1 PointsWeek 2 PointsWeek 3 PointsWeek 4 PointsWeek 5 PointsWeek 6 PointsWeek 7 PointsQuarterfinals PointsSemifinals PointsChampionship Points
Cloudy With a Chance of 3-BallsMorgan Clausen1443.51661
Cloudy With a Chance of 3-BallsRyan Sturgeon1628.0160
INDY Team #6Ryan Roberts5486.83510682002
Cloudy With a Chance of 3-BallsBecca Bergman000.0
Cloudy With a Chance of 3-BallsEvan Ciancio3147.820227
Cloudy With a Chance of 3-BallsKaleigh McKee1772.40503720
INDY Team #2MacKenzie Woods2373.34007264
Duncan Donuts IITara Carone2354.671429
INDY Team #2Jared Levine340.80030
Duncan Donuts IIGreg Young942.33060
Duncan Donuts IIShelby Camilleri4676.6150627106
Duncan Donuts IIMichael Joseph80613.3523181888
Peruvian tripKhalfani Myrick2373.34502732
Peruvian tripMike Coachman122913.61112718161591321
Peruvian tripian ryder4058.02201404
Peruvian tripMustafaa Holland94811.8145024210822
Peruvian tripRitu Kanuga280.302000000
Peruvian tripErin Drynan6888.512512694146
Peruvian tripAllie Temkin2874.004206142
Peruvian tripAdina Levine80810.01218166612100
Peruvian tripJeffery Howery050.000000
INDY Team #6Bryant McClinton3994.32691005403
INDY Team #6Melvin Ayers441.02020
INDY Team #6Evan Cronin104813.0713101211192012
INDY Team #2Shaun Williams1142.83350
INDY Team #2Jen Holcomb670.92020200
The Sports TeamDaniel Yelovich132718.916292913141120
The Sports TeamNedim Lapo1953.840870
The Sports TeamCorinne Carso1343.32425
The Sports TeamEvan Thomas105813.19121734214116
The Sports TeamHaley Grana3274.660901061
INDY Team #6Katherine Amato250.402000
INDY Team #6Gretchen Grube1591.7200220405
INDY Team #2Jeremy Warren6479.151311141173
INDY Team #2Samantha Pinkowski240.50200
The Sports TeamCaleb Moen1152.220405
Peruvian tripLouis2483.005626212
The Sports TeamRenne3684.5262110645
Duncan Donuts IIAnthony P.70710.01699147213
Duncan Donuts IIDaniel B.2245.59463
Cloudy With a Chance of 3-BallsAndrew M.861.3026000
Cloudy With a Chance of 3-BallsKatie J.55413.817141410
Cloudy With a Chance of 3-BallsChris P.3365.5586644
Cloudy With a Chance of 3-BallsKyle2473.42160573
Cloudy With a Chance of 3-BallsOdane2237.30148
Cloudy With a Chance of 3-BallsKristen861.3042002
INDY Team #6Mat Odigle522.532
INDY Team #6Griffin313.03
INDY Team #6Nicole5787.16685150170
The Sports TeamChris010.00
The Sports TeamSiegren87517.4261127149
Duncan Donuts IIJacob1334.3634
INDY Team #6Briant Holloway4986.1356712295
INDY Team #2Matt Yenow4166.81244489
INDY Team #2Brittany King1362.2032620
INDY Team #2Rob2573.60524644
INDY Team #2Jared824.026
Cloudy With a Chance of 3-BallsAJ50510.010147109
INDY Team #6Sub933.0144
The Sports TeamJohn010.00
Cloudy With a Chance of 3-BallsKurt2638.731310
Cloudy With a Chance of 3-BallsGreg49412.31121818
Cloudy With a Chance of 3-BallsAlex1326.5013
Cloudy With a Chance of 3-BallsAusar1125.5011
Cloudy With a Chance of 3-BallsClare522.550
The Sports TeamSub2739.001512
Duncan Donuts IIMary Kate13113.013
Duncan Donuts IIJohn1829.0144
INDY Team #2Sub #00717.07

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