Summer 2019 Tues St. George Men’s Rec Basketball – Player Stats

TeamPlayerTotal Points this SeasonNumber of Games PlayedAverage Points per GameWeek 1 PointsWeek 2 Points
Air DitkaJosh422212220
Orchids of AsiaMark Blakey35217.52213
Orchids of AsiaJack Carney33216.52013
ShootersWalt Lyon2612626
The GoatsJeremy Trudell23211.51112
Clark ConstructionZach Stinson23211.5617
Air DitkaTom21210.5156
ShootersMarty Heck20210911
The GoatsAaron Gilbert1829711
ShootersRyan Burnigan1711717
ShootersChris Sweitzer1628016
The GoatsMax Learner162879
Orchids of AsiaGrant1527.578
The GoatsMatt Lowy1511515
Air DitkaTeddy1527.5213
Clark ConstructionDennis Danko1427113
INDY Team #4James Nicklas1427311
Air DitkaJosh French1411414
Clark ConstructionMatt Baran1311313
The GoatsAndrew Stablein122675
Clark ConstructionAndrew Thomas122675
Clark ConstructionDave1025100
Orchids of AsiaJake Bruemmer1011010
Air DitkaJeff102555
Clark ConstructionJohnny1011010
Orchids of AsiaJory Berg102564
Orchids of AsiaScott Ingram924.563
Orchids of AsiaEric8188
The GoatsJesse Giangreco8188
INDY Team #4Justin Simms82480
INDY Team #4Greg Klima723.534
Clark ConstructionTravis Knoll723.525
INDY Team #4Cody Puckett62306
The GoatsJake Prizant6166
ShootersChris Gluckman522.541
Orchids of AsiaBran4144
Air DitkaMark J4144
ShootersPeter Schroeder42222
Air DitkaReid42240
Air DitkaRyan Trauernicht42222
ShootersRyan V3133
Clark ConstructionAlex2122
INDY Team #4Chris Scheid22120
Clark ConstructionMatt Erskine2122
Orchids of AsiaMatt Ryan2122
Clark ConstructionMichael Walsh2122
INDY Team #4Milton2122
Orchids of AsiaBrian G0100
INDY Team #4Darius Magada-Ward000
Clark ConstructionDouglas Beilke0100
Clark ConstructionJohanna Hsu000
The GoatsMichael Munteanu000
Clark ConstructionNick Glick000
The GoatsNirvik Roy000
Clark ConstructionZHICHAO WANG000

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