Summer 2019 Tues British School Men’s Int Basketball – Player Stats

TeamPlayerTotal Points this SeasonNumber of Games PlayedAverage Points per GameWeek 2 PointsWeek 3 PointsWeek 4 PointsWeek 5 PointsWeek 6 Points
Almost AthletesAndrew Dzija82516.42114181415
Both Teams Played HardBrian Sevison80516714181823
Almost AthletesTyler Kos77515.4251119184
Double NickelsBriggs King75418.820122320
Cookies and KareemWill69513.8125102616
Cookies and KareemScott67416.819271011
Both Teams Played HardPreston62512.491471913
Both Teams Played HardSteele Shemeld59414.816111715
Hop S. SmithBrian53317.7142811
BLVDBrendan King49412.316101310
Double NickelsKevin Kollmeier4759.412641213
BLVDNick C47411.8167024
The MondaysJake Lerman4358.60814417
BLVDsteven zaleski43314.4101122
Almost AthletesJames3957.83011817
Double NickelsRob Crowe31310.413513
Double NickelsPat Foley3056116256
Cookies and KareemCohen R2955.8142337
The MondaysHunter Claire2955.8059105
Both Teams Played HardThomas2746.8011142
I Grant You 3 SwishesTip27390189
Double NickelsConnor Nelligan2646.56479
I Grant You 3 SwishesFranklin2546.3001114
Hop S. SmithMorgan Drazer2555266011
Almost AthletesDaniel Kolar244610455
Almost AthletesDavid Brazy2454.852467
Hop S. SmithParker Buell244663114
I Grant You 3 SwishesJoe Pizetoski2354.6012443
The MondaysLiam Lesniak2337.7698
The MondaysMiki Ljuboja2337.701112
Cookies and KareemConnor D22211913
I Grant You 3 SwishesWyatt2254.4000175
I Grant You 3 SwishesJosh Moses2154.2006510
Hop S. SmithMatt2145.301182
Double NickelsMitchel Messina2154.2210306
Hop S. SmithZach Waters2145.34656
Both Teams Played HardEric Eller205427227
The MondaysBenjamin Lerman1944.808110
The MondaysIsacc1911919
I Grant You 3 SwishesOgaweybunan1944.800910
Both Teams Played HardTroy Vorhies1936.43106
Cookies and KareemCarter1853.654504
Double NickelsPete Foley1744.37712
Almost AthletesAndrew Rost16442923
Cookies and KareemDavid1653.250245
Double NickelsMatthew Connor16444237
Hop S. SmithSean1543.89204
Hop S. SmithSean1543.89204
Hop S. SmithTyler1511515
Almost AthletesShawn Rank1443.56062
The MondaysTrevor Ponticelli1443.50554
Both Teams Played HardJarret Turbin1252.402262
The MondaysMitch1211212
I Grant You 3 SwishesReed12430903
I Grant You 3 SwishesBrett1152.204052
The MondaysChad Bruce1142.80029
Cookies and KareemDavid Sandage105203520
Both Teams Played HardLuke Eller933423
Hop S. SmithZack8188
Double NickelsBrian Connor732.4034
Hop S. SmithJordan7177
Cookies and KareemKevin7177
Hop S. SmithWade641.52022
Cookies and KareemAndrew5155
The MondaysRamos5155
Cookies and KareemRyan4410004
The MondaysGrant Greeno0100
Cookies and KareemPhil000
I Grant You 3 SwishesRoss Creighton0100
Almost AthletesZach Stokes030000

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