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TeamPlayerTotal Points this SeasonNumber of Games PlayedAverage Points per GameWeek 1 PointsWeek 2 PointsWeek 3 PointsWeek 4 PointsWeek 5 PointsWeek 6 PointsWeek 7 PointsWeek 8 PointsWeek 8 DH PointsWeek 9 Points
Soak Sisterschristian lucas147916.4251434186682412
Most DopeAlex Marcotullio145624.2162024263821
Soak SistersDavid Salerno100812.509151920101611
Booked for 30Dwayne Cecil93713.3112521180711
Booked for 30Nigel Hammett83810.4191492812163
Soak SistersKirk Andrese76710.917201060176
Soak SistersRyan Holz73418.313251223
Booked for 30Nehamiah Bishop7088.8102252101029
Booked for 30Jabari6679.56139153119
Soak SistersGuy Accettura5987.483153114150
The Wilford BrimleysJoshua Comrov5769.541072088
Wasted TalentChris Curtain5569.2199130140
The Wilford BrimleysRyan Domolen54413.516151013
INDY Team #4Matt Bay51412.81316220
Soak SistersBrad Schneiderman4767.9142151303
Most DopeNathan Hicks4767.914718242
Wasted TalentBilly Mccormick4458.810451114
The Wilford BrimleysGaetano Urgo4258.47128132
INDY Team #4Nick Chmielniak4166.936130613
Soak SistersMichael Stanton4066.713108900
Most DopeSub402202218
Most DopeAdam Alvarado3975.661650390
Wasted TalentNick Goodspeed3548.8413180
INDY Team #4Tameem Shihadeh3548.81051010
Soak SistersEli34311.414200
Wasted TalentNathan Ontrop3474.95299360
INDY Team #4Ryan Loftus3156.2542128
Most DopeMiles29214.5245
Booked for 30Nick Rogers284710909
Soak SistersChase Palmer2773.97282044
Soak SistersMiles273910170
INDY Team #4Michael Bay2646.561460
Wasted TalentMichael Mahoney2673.86486020
INDY Team #4Michael2538.410150
Booked for 30Michael244614280
The Wilford BrimleysRobert2337.76143
Booked for 30Trey2337.710112
Wasted TalentTimothy Barr2273.23546040
Wasted TalentAndrew Beinmford2145.314700
INDY Team #4Greg Klima2154.2106140
Wasted TalentMichael Barr1953.8261100
Most DopeWill Brenits1953.8410500
The Wilford BrimleysAlex1844.59405
Wasted TalentChris Barr1853.6200160
The Wilford BrimleysMitchell Laski1844.54428
The Wilford BrimleysSub18361080
The Wilford BrimleysJack1728.5314
The Wilford BrimleysAlexander Yeung164440120
Soak SistersAnthony1226120
Booked for 30Matt Eicher1234804
INDY Team #4Connor Odonnell1042.52404
Wasted TalentBill924.590
The Wilford BrimleysJacob82453
Booked for 30Nick Donabedian861.4203021
Most DopeTim8423302
Most DopeLucas732.4241
Wasted TalentJohn Coleman661000060
Booked for 30Brian Peters570.80301001
Most DopeJeff5155
Wasted TalentNoah Isroff522.550
Soak SistersSub4144
INDY Team #4Ryan Smith350.600300
Most DopeFaizan230.7002
Most DopeNick Purchase22120
Most DopeEvan Goodman000
Most DopeJoe Moser000
Most DopeKevin Kenney000
The Wilford BrimleysMatthew Shepard000
Most DopeMichael Shelly000

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