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TeamPlayerTotal Points this SeasonNumber of Games PlayedAverage Points per GameWeek 1 PointsWeek 2 PointsWeek 3 PointsWeek 4 PointsWeek 5 PointsWeek 6 PointsWeek 7 PointsWeek 7 DH PointsWeek 8 PointsWeek 9 PointsWeek 10 Points
ShakaAlex Foster210923.4102223231717273536
ShakaMarshall Hatch1951019.51529221826188311810
Indy Team #2Walt Lyon154917.224131661726171916
Indy Team #2Kendall DeLashment141915.712171315729161616
Young BwesGrant Rushing131816.486112826132514
Reschke's RoughridersGeorge Short104714.92111191610819
Team McClureMatthew McClure100714.32117138111416
Reschke's RoughridersNate Brune9661612103332216
Pay Your Dues Pt 2Nick Livas91518.21610192917
Reschke's RoughridersSteven Neylon85712.21678221238
ShakaAndy Gram84810.5520841116128
Team McClureBenjamin Varick75515109171821
Young BwesPat Hart73612.215151391011
Crowe BlueGarris Goe72612162512577
Reschke's RoughridersJosh McMillan72710.377140151910
Crowe BlueBrendan Sutherland6879.812126121358
Young BwesJake McCarthy6888.591311113588
Pay Your Dues Pt 2Trent Torni67322.4211927
ShakaRahul Pasarnikar65106.51517466200105
Young BwesDanny Lattner5878.3134981068
Young BwesMichael Nowicki5577.91011315529
Pay Your Dues Pt 2Ryan Rickent546912119958
Indy Team #2Jake Kosakowski5131712129
Reschke's RoughridersAnthony Keener505101461785
Team McClureDevonte Cager5068.4414119102
Pay Your Dues Pt 2Max Grossman4676.6216182611
Young BwesCharlie Wert4285.31060346130
Indy Team #2Jay Poppino4285.369537390
Indy Team #2Jimmy Cheung4194.651100212362
ShakaDavid Krueger408579743712
Indy Team #2James Schdna37312.481712
Reschke's RoughridersKevin Anderson3784.752952365
Team McClureBrian Winsel3165.2068665
ShakaDerrick White3165.27255210
Team McClureOwen Bott3074.32556615
Reschke's RoughridersKevin Linne2764.51195020
Young BwesTim Kuzmic2755.4082170
Pay Your Dues Pt 2Norell Viray2655.2310058
Reschke's RoughridersKyle Lindberg25212.51510
Pay Your Dues Pt 2Drake Hudson2454.8220416
Team McClureDon McClure2363.9623075
Team McClureKevin Kenney2363.9632039
ShakaDaniel Oller2182.754072030
Crowe BlueConnor Anderson2082.522202363
Reschke's RoughridersRoss Murphy2063.4490421
Team McClureKevin O'Rourke1635.4709
Crowe BlueRobby Balistaeri164432011
Crowe BlueMirza Bais12430606
Indy Team #2Aaron Bristol1161.9500600
Indy Team #2Alex Biehl1152.200623
Crowe BlueIsaiah Simmons Chowdhry1125.583
Indy Team #2Mike Wilmsen1071.54000600
Pay Your Dues Pt 2Tim DaCosta961.5004203
Team McClureBraden Krause8424040
Crowe BlueAdam Wasserman7177
Indy Team #2Kieran Long723.570
Indy Team #2Billy Buschle531.7230
ShakaLionel Williams531.7500
Crowe BlueKirk Harrow350.630000
ShakaRich Dickinson3133
Crowe BlueGilbert Mammen2122
Crowe BlueKyle White0100
Team McClureMichael Paretzky000
Crowe BlueShelby Spector000

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