Spring 2024 Saturday DePaul Men’s Rec Basketball – Player Stats

TeamPlayerTotal Points this SeasonNumber of Games PlayedAverage Points per GameWeek 1 PointsWeek 2 Points
Going Hard in the TaintCharlie Butz1527.578
Going Hard in the TaintJack Xiao515.05
Diddy Do ItKenyon Turner25212.5619
Diddy Do ItAnthony Coleman30215.0246
Diddy Do ItAdam R818.08
Diddy Do ItAiden Dickerson33216.52112
Diddy Do ItMike Coachman21210.5138
Trust the ProcessJosiah Jackson23211.5158
INDY Team #5John Disalvo000.0
Going Hard in the TaintNick Wu824.035
Trust the ProcessMichael Chinn414.04
INDY Team #5Ryan Walker000.0
INDY Team #5Duncan Salek000.0
Going Hard in the TaintZach Wu1929.5217
INDY Team #5Omprakash Mahalingam000.0
Diddy Do ItBriant Holloway000.0
Trust the ProcessChris Lewis12112.012
Going Hard in the TaintArtie Dutmers1025.073
Ranger Sports and Social ClubLukas Summerfield26213.0620
Trust the ProcessMax Shafer24212.0618
Trust the ProcessNick Iscra1326.558
Trust the ProcessSean Maloney212.02
Trust the ProcessSam Robinson1226.0102
Trust the ProcessMarco DeAngelo10110.010
Going Hard in the TaintEric Steinhauer1326.5103
Ranger Sports and Social ClubBrady Friss22211.0814
Ranger Sports and Social ClubGrayson Tarpey010.00
Ranger Sports and Social ClubBlake Preston21210.5417
Ranger Sports and Social ClubCharlie Mamlin1728.5170
Ranger Sports and Social ClubEvan Seyhun313.03
Ranger Sports and Social ClubLarry Borum522.550
Ranger Sports and Social ClubZane Jones723.543
Ranger Sports and Social ClubMatt Greenstein623.042
Ranger Sports and Social ClubDrew Vielbig818.08
Going Hard in the TaintSammy Schwartz1025.082
Going Hard in the TaintBen Chosid717.07
INDY Team #5Ethan Archer-Helke000.0
Going Hard in the TaintGavin Wright1527.5213
Going Hard in the TaintScotty White313.03
Trust the ProcessHarish 1427.0113
INDY Team #5Krishna Musunuri000.0
INDY Team #1Brenden Maltos000.0
INDY Team #1Stephen Feith000.0
INDY Team #1Jacob Buchanan000.0
INDY Team #1Koreon Shanks000.0
INDY Team #1Karl F. Guider000.0
Diddy Do ItMark 010.00
Diddy Do ItMustafa 414.04