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TeamPlayerTotal Points this SeasonNumber of Games PlayedAverage Points per GameWeek 1 PointsWeek 1 DH PointsWeek 2 PointsWeek 2 DH Points
BravesKenyon Turner205368.42121163
BravesChristina Sperando4831622188
BravesMike Coachman31310.49814
BravesJeremy Jones24389150
For the CultureBrandon Parker20210911
Bad News BarristersEric Ladwig1929.5109
INDY Team #4Emile Saffold1628016
The 9 Horsemenian ryder1527.5015
The 9 HorsemenMathew Odigie1427014
Bad News BarristersMatthew Severinsen1326.549
For the CultureTroy Boyd Jr1125.556
Bad News BarristersBrian Creagh102582
For the CultureDorian Hayes1025100
BravesBriant Holloway924.572
Bad News BarristersGina Ambrose62333
The 9 HorsemenBrian Plotke522.505
The 9 HorsemenDylan Tranel42204
Bad News BarristersMason Kienzle4144
Bad News BarristersPatrick Creagh42204
The 9 HorsemenRobert Tavares42204
INDY Team #4Ilman Surghani321.503
For the CultureJamel Banks3133
For the CultureSamirah Watkins321.530
INDY Team #4Janecia Minter2122
BravesJeffery Howery230.7020
The 9 HorsemenKathleen Kristensen22102
Bad News BarristersKatie Creagh22120
BravesNicole DeRoche230.7020
The 9 HorsemenStephanie Michalski22102
For the CultureAndre Locke000
Bad News BarristersAnnabelle Borota000
INDY Team #4Ashleigh Watson02000
Bad News BarristersBari Singer000
The 9 HorsemenCaroline Schwartz02000
Bad News BarristersColin Schawillie000
For the CultureDaavay Rivers02000
BravesEmily Tramont030000
Bad News BarristersHannah Creagh02000
INDY Team #4Jason Jackson02000
BravesJorge Figueroa000
Bad News BarristersKaylee Krough02000
For the CultureLabrenthia Murdock-Pearson0100
The 9 HorsemenLizeth Turk0100
INDY Team #4Mark Mazzone02000
Bad News BarristersMary Harbaugh0100
INDY Team #4Nathalie Hill000
BravesNicole Maloney0100
For the CultureNormandie Esco0100
INDY Team #4Richie Hartz0100
For the CultureTisa Carter0100
For the CultureTom Schneider000
For the CultureVejurnae Leal000

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