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TeamPlayerTotal Points this SeasonNumber of Games PlayedAverage Points per GameWeek 1 PointsWeek 2 Points
Cold SnacksUnubileg Enkhtuvshin919.09
Bucks In 6Jack Alexander010.00
The Space Exploration PandasJamie Swimmer818.08
Bucks In 6Jackson Bax1427.0212
Washed VetsLuke McDermott12112.012
The Space Exploration PandasGhassan Farah14114.014
aND oneJonny Botek422.040
GRITJohn Kountoures26213.01016
The FundamentalsAndrew Bargmann23211.5167
The FundamentalsMatt Clark40220.01426
The Make-a-Swish FoundationMichael Muehlhauser010.00
The Make-a-Swish FoundationSimeon Washington24212.01113
The Make-a-Swish FoundationTrevor Van Vleck000.0
The FundamentalsHendrik G1427.0212
aND oneJustin Enochs31215.51813
GRITDiery Faye717.07
The Space Exploration PandasSteven Cook000.0
The Make-a-Swish FoundationDavid Delagdo20210.0119
Bucks In 6Tyler Piehl31215.52110
Bucks In 6Jacob Casey000.0
The FundamentalsBen Rogers723.507
The Space Exploration PandasCarlton Fay17117.017
GRITBrandon Morrison1929.5910
The FundamentalsZak Niemiera1829.0711
The FundamentalsJames Holman1728.598
Cold SnacksTyler Mink20210.01010
GRITJacob Ledesma1226.057
Cold SnacksRyan Casperson1226.0102
The FundamentalsRobert Mischler1829.099
GRITChelten Carter1728.5710
Washed VetsNathan Moxness221.002
GRITBill Jin36218.01422
Cold SnacksMitchell O'Brien000.0
Cold SnacksTeddy Ray20120.020
The Make-a-Swish FoundationAditya Pillai010.00
The Make-a-Swish FoundationLiam Murray414.04
aND oneChris Tsevis1628.088
The Make-a-Swish FoundationEthan Haas000.0
The Make-a-Swish FoundationLiam Benson010.00
The Make-a-Swish FoundationKyle Zyck616.06
The Make-a-Swish FoundationJoshua Udoma522.550
The Make-a-Swish FoundationNeal Shah000.0
The Make-a-Swish FoundationAdi Mahendran22211.01210
The Make-a-Swish FoundationElliott Schwab414.04
The Space Exploration PandasTom Fawcett924.509
Washed VetsSean Fitzgerald000.0
Washed VetsNick Nekola414.04
Washed VetsRay Hunnicutt000.0
Washed VetsPatrick DeLaMar1829.0711
Washed Vetsmark sommerville12112.012
Cold SnacksClay Morrisson515.05
The Space Exploration PandasYazin Akkawi1226.084
The Space Exploration PandasJalil Khoury1728.5314
Washed VetsAJ Washington28214.01612
Washed VetsBrett Rau29129.029
The Space Exploration PandasBrian Siegel616.06
aND oneConnor Wilson1427.068
aND oneTeddy Leahy000.0
aND oneJack Henige212.02
aND oneNicholas Baumer020.000
aND oneThomas Murphy212.02
The Space Exploration PandasKonrad Zieba422.040
The Space Exploration PandasMatt Siegel24212.01311
aND oneRyan Cook120.510
aND onePatrick M Pelini522.532
aND oneErik Ralph221.020
aND onePeter Hennessey1125.538
Cold SnacksJonathan Jones010.00
Bucks In 6Troy Mielke33216.51716
Cold SnacksBen Gardner42221.01824
Bucks In 6Pete1025.082
Bucks In 6Joey Berback12112.012
Cold SnacksXavier B.818.08
Cold SnacksSamair Muhammad010.00

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