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Fall 2019 Wed St. George Greek Orthodox Church Men’s Rec Basketball – Player Stats

TeamPlayerTotal Points this SeasonNumber of Games PlayedAverage Points per GameWeek 1 Points
Sargent LundyMatthew2412424
Average JoesRyan Sughroue1911919
Theory ChicagoRyan Holz1811818
Theory ChicagoBrad1411414
Shirts vs BlousesDan1311313
Theory ChicagoJoel1211212
Plan B EspecialKen Loos1011010
Shirts vs BlousesSean1011010
Sargent LundyNate9199
Theory ChicagoMike8188
Theory ChicagoAlex7177
Plan B EspecialAnthony Nguyen7177
Team CheeseBrett Paul7177
Shirts vs BlousesJosh7177
Team CheeseKevin7177
Team CheeseRocky7177
Sargent LundyBrian6166
Team CheeseJason6166
Plan B EspecialAlex Darrah5155
Sargent LundyDaniel5155
Average JoesJoseph Williams5155
Average JoesMatthew Serpe5155
Average JoesMike5155
Sargent LundyDinitar4144
Shirts vs BlousesEvan4144
Average JoesHans Wiersholm4144
Plan B EspecialJan Szarwark4144
Team CheeseLouis4144
Theory ChicagoShawn4144
Shirts vs BlousesAnshu3133
Average JoesEvan Lovell3133
Shirts vs BlousesNick3133
Average JoesYlli Berisha3133
Plan B EspecialDoug Bach2122
Sargent LundyEverett2122
Average JoesJeff Shima2122
Sargent LundyKokou2122
Shirts vs BlousesBerman0100
Team CheeseBill0100
Average JoesCharles0100
Shirts vs BlousesEvan Sweeney000
Team CheeseJamie0100
Sargent LundyMarco Foster000
Shirts vs BlousesMike0100
Plan B EspecialWestley Volk000

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