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TeamPlayerTotal Points this SeasonNumber of Games PlayedAverage Points per GameWeek 1 PointsWeek 1 DH PointsWeek 2 PointsWeek 3 PointsWeek 4 PointsWeek 5 PointsWeek 5 DH PointsWeek 6 PointsWeek 7 PointsWeek 8 PointsWeek 9 Points
Zone D For The WinErvin Thomas308838.581311152567223
Zone D For The WinMontrice McKnight217924.227192382418263240
Trying To Build ChemistryRoss Preston166723.820212330301428
The FIRMSamuel Ronalds1608202418141930192412
Booked for 30Chuck Jacques156917.45201725132830711
DCJRJChris Baccam125815.71020121520171714
Cheng DynastyJack Lambert118814.841211828172117
Booked for 30Dwayne116912.915131510020191212
Zone D For The WinJoe DesJean115716.516162219131613
The FIRMAndrew C1005201825331311
DCJRJJames Woo9991181517712913126
Cheng DynastyJohn Cheng91615.26725102221
Trying To Build ChemistryEvan Oravec82613.714128191415
Booked for 30Matt Eicher80108814816769633
The FIRMSteve Conway78515.623142696
Out of RetirementDonny Nordmann7689.571341416949
Cheng DynastyChris Cheng7489.3117312128165
Trying To Build ChemistryPhillip Brucks74612.412151417115
Zone D For The WinChance7389.213256061652
Out of RetirementJeff Bitter73612.28142221413
TEAM 1Jimmy Mangan67513.491572016
TEAM 1Ryan Wobbe64610.792918188
Booked for 30Nigel6287.866141401039
Trying To Build ChemistryAugie Karisch61610.2167414515
Booked for 30Tran Kates6178.811751110152
Cheng DynastyHayes60320221622
DCJRJBen Schornack5978.551121412132
Cheng DynastyBryan Joel5769.592253108
Zone D For The WinRyan Frazier5787.21774215354
Zone D For The WinJoel Lefkowitz56782131061456.
Trying To Build ChemistryTrevor Ploucha5586.916041210508
TEAM 1Griffin Ward5068.4104491310
Cheng DynastyJohnny Vernasco5077.2150087713
TEAM 1Kevin Framer4959.80081823
TEAM 1Sean Hart4977610710358
TEAM 1Connor Edmonds4776.8146075150
The FIRMLowell Hall4776.8740114714
Cheng DynastyJack46411.5551620
DCJRJAbraham Christo4367.210435174
Out of RetirementJoe Burns4367.253914012
Cheng DynastyAdam M4175.924410696
Out of RetirementKevin Hurley4185.2235961033
Out of RetirementBrett Mattson40585101852
Trying To Build ChemistryJohnathan Watson35754544549
The FIRMMacabee3548.8612512
Out of RetirementChris Bitter3365.55910045
TEAM 1Ryan Brown324890815
Cheng DynastyAdam J3174.53292825
Zone D For The WinFrank Newell31215.5229
Booked for 30Jabari3156.276486
DCJRJDavid Flynn2864.75230162
Out of RetirementMatt Pelton284781280
Booked for 30Nehemiah Bishop2673.850106500
Out of RetirementOliver Rorer25212.5169
Zone D For The WinAlec2337.72300
The FIRMLarry Evans2345.821227
The FIRMNick Gibbons20456176
TEAM 1Ryan Brown2012020
Out of RetirementBill Hartwig1753.431805
Trying To Build ChemistryKyle W1772.56600302
Zone D For The WinHubmerto1434.7095
Out of RetirementCharlie Schwartz1343.30382
TEAM 1Connor Demarius1352.6000013
The FIRMJason Schultz1311313
The FIRMMatt102564
Booked for 30Brian Peters991200034000
Out of RetirementOrrenn Roberts82480
Booked for 30Sub8188
The FIRMJustin6166
Cheng DynastyAdam321.530
TEAM 1Fred Colmery3133
Booked for 30Nick D22120
Booked for 30Adam S0100
Zone D For The WinJoe Desjean000

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