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Fall 2019 Wed Walter Payton HS Men’s Int Basketball – Player Stats

TeamPlayerTotal Points this SeasonNumber of Games PlayedAverage Points per GameWeek 1 PointsWeek 1 DH PointsWeek 2 PointsWeek 3 PointsWeek 4 PointsWeek 5 PointsWeek 5 DH PointsWeek 6 Points
Booked for 30Chuck Jacques138719.85201725132830
Trying To Build ChemistryRoss Preston124524.82021233030
The FIRMSamuel Ronalds124620.7241814193019
Zone D For The WinMontrice McKnight119619.927192382418
DCJRJChris Baccam94615.7102012152017
The FIRMAndrew C76325.4182533
Booked for 30Dwayne73612.215131510020
Zone D For The WinJoe DesJean73418.316162219
Zone D For The WinErvin Thomas72514.4813111525
The FIRMSteve Conway724182314269
Trying To Build ChemistryPhillip Brucks69513.81215141711
DCJRJJames Woo68611.4815177129
Booked for 30Matt Eicher6879.8814816769
Trying To Build ChemistryEvan Oravec67513.4141281914
Zone D For The WinChance66611132560616
Out of RetirementDonny Nordmann63610.5713414169
Cheng DynastyJack Lambert63512.641211828
Cheng DynastyHayes60320221622
Out of RetirementJeff Bitter6051281422214
TEAM 1Ryan Wobbe56511.29291818
TEAM 1Jimmy Mangan51412.8915720
TEAM 1Kevin Framer4959.80081823
Trying To Build ChemistryTrevor Ploucha4767.9160412105
Cheng DynastyJack46411.5551620
Cheng DynastyChris Cheng455911731212
Zone D For The WinJoel Lefkowitz455921310614
Zone D For The WinRyan Frazier45591774215
DCJRJBen Schornack4458.851121412
Trying To Build ChemistryAugie Karisch41410.3167414
TEAM 1Griffin Ward40581044913
Booked for 30Nigel40586614140
Cheng DynastyJohn Cheng38312.76725
Cheng DynastyBryan Joel363129225
TEAM 1Sean Hart3657.26107103
Out of RetirementKevin Hurley3565.92359610
Booked for 30Tran Kates3448.5117511
Out of RetirementBrett Mattson3331151018
TEAM 1Connor Edmonds3256.4146075
Zone D For The WinFrank Newell31215.5229
Out of RetirementJoe Burns3147.853914
Cheng DynastyAdam M2655.2244106
The FIRMLowell Hall2655.2740114
Out of RetirementChris Bitter244659100
Zone D For The WinAlec23211.5230
Cheng DynastyJohnny Vernasco2345.815008
The FIRMMacabee2337.76125
DCJRJAbraham Christo2245.510435
Trying To Build ChemistryJohnathan Watson2254.445445
Booked for 30Nehemiah Bishop2145.350106
Out of RetirementMatt Pelton20210812
The FIRMNick Gibbons20456176
Booked for 30Jabari1735.7764
TEAM 1Ryan Brown1735.7908
Cheng DynastyAdam J16443292
Out of RetirementOliver Rorer1611616
Trying To Build ChemistryKyle W155366003
The FIRMLarry Evans1427212
Out of RetirementCharlie Schwartz1343.30382
The FIRMJason Schultz1311313
Out of RetirementBill Hartwig1234318
DCJRJDavid Flynn1033.4523
Booked for 30Brian Peters961.5200034
Out of RetirementOrrenn Roberts82480
The FIRMMatt6166
Cheng DynastyAdam3133
TEAM 1Fred Colmery3133
Booked for 30Nick D22120
Booked for 30Adam S0100
TEAM 1Connor Demarius030000
Zone D For The WinHubmerto0100
Zone D For The WinJoe Desjean000
TEAM 1Ryan Brown000

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