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Fall 2019 Thurs British School Men’s Int Basketball – Player Stats

TeamPlayerTotal Points this SeasonNumber of Games PlayedAverage Points per GameWeek 1 PointsWeek 1 DH PointsWeek 2 PointsWeek 3 PointsWeek 3 DH PointsWeek 4 PointsWeek 5 Points
Hennessy HoopersEddy7641912113518
Harden the InterruptionMatt Troja70323.4243214
Tommy Want WingyMatt L62415.512201713
Tommy Want WingyKyle57511.450251215
Board Men Get PaidRyan Donlan57511.415621222
Antonio Brown's FeetIvan Peljusic564141381817
Antonio Brown's FeetDustin Cox54413.51812231
Tommy Want WingyMatt B52510.413491214
Antonio Brown's FeetMaxwell Paynter48316201216
Harden the InterruptionNick46315.451427
Hennessy HoopersRobert Stansfield44314.7151217
Harden the InterruptionLucas3348.351099
Hop S. SmithParker Buell3348.3516111
Hennessy HoopersJoe Gatto3031041412
Hop S. SmithMorgan Drazer2955.81013402
Hennessy HoopersScott Raap2746.812159
Tommy Want WingyPatrick Burnton2646.549112
Hennessy HoopersCam24387143
Harden the InterruptionMichael Manus243801014
Harden the InterruptionAndrew Harrington2345.812740
Board Men Get PaidNate Bowyer2354.6012650
Board Men Get PaidWestin Mumm2254.4211900
Hop S. SmithZach Waters21210.5714
Hop S. SmithJohn2012020
Tommy Want WingyJason1944.88074
Antonio Brown's FeetColin Stanley1836459
Antonio Brown's FeetJason Lonn1744.38009
Hop S. SmithTyler Oconnor1527.5105
Hennessy HoopersDanny1427212
Board Men Get PaidDavid Guerrero1343.38203
Harden the InterruptionNick Conte1326.549
Harden the InterruptionMatthew Mochel12434152
Board Men Get PaidRyan Frank12433234
Hop S. SmithWade12341002
Board Men Get PaidJames Madormo1133.70011
Hennessy HoopersMark1125.547
Hop S. SmithMatt1125.565
Antonio Brown's FeetSteven Lasky1133.7056
Board Men Get PaidJohn Regan1042.54222
Board Men Get PaidMatt King1042.50424
Hennessy HoopersMike1033.4028
Antonio Brown's FeetRyan Brown924.536
Harden the InterruptionKyle82408
Harden the InterruptionBryan Murphy6166
Tommy Want WingyKyle S62360
Hennessy HoopersChris Griffin42222
Hop S. SmithRory4144
Antonio Brown's FeetBrady22120
Harden the InterruptionDalton Daniels22120
Tommy Want WingyJake22102
Board Men Get PaidMatt Muellner2122
Tommy Want WingyZach E2122
Hop S. SmithZach King2122
Hennessy HoopersAl Kator130.4010
Hennessy HoopersEddie Janini000
Board Men Get PaidJack Billings0100
Hop S. SmithMike0100

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