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TeamPlayerTotal Points this SeasonNumber of Games PlayedAverage Points per GameWeek 1 PointsWeek 1 DH PointsWeek 2 PointsWeek 3 PointsWeek 3 DH PointsWeek 4 PointsWeek 5 PointsWeek 6 PointsWeek 8 PointsWeek 8 DH PointsWeek 9 Points
Harden the InterruptionMatt Troja150625243214184022
Tommy Want WingyMatt L87712.51220171312130
Hennessy HoopersEddy7641912113518
Tommy Want WingyKyle7389.2502512154012
Board Men Get PaidRyan Donlan73710.515621222115
Tommy Want WingyMatt B7088.813491214693
Antonio Brown's FeetDustin Cox63512.618122319
Hennessy HoopersRobert Stansfield63512.6151217109
Antonio Brown's FeetIvan Peljusic62512.413818176
Harden the InterruptionNick59511.85142776
Harden the InterruptionLucas5377.6510991253
Hennessy HoopersJoe Gatto4959.841412613
Antonio Brown's FeetMaxwell Paynter48316201216
Harden the InterruptionAndrew Harrington4676.6127408105
Hop S. SmithParker Buell4476.35161111100
Hop S. SmithTyler Oconnor444111051811
Tommy Want WingyPatrick Burnton4075.849112563
Board Men Get PaidNate Bowyer3875.501265069
Hennessy HoopersScott Raap3657.2121599
Board Men Get PaidDavid Guerrero3565.982031012
Harden the InterruptionMatthew Mochel3365.54152129
Hop S. SmithMorgan Drazer3374.8101340222
Hop S. SmithMatt3156.2657112
Hop S. SmithZach Waters3147.871473
Tommy Want WingyJason3074.38074254
Hop S. SmithJohn29214.5209
Board Men Get PaidWestin Mumm2974.221190007
Hop S. SmithZach King2947.327614
Tommy Want WingySub28214226
Hop S. SmithAlex27396912
Hennessy HoopersCam24387143
Harden the InterruptionMichael Manus2446010140
Antonio Brown's FeetJason Lonn2154.280094
Tommy Want WingyMarko21210.5219
Antonio Brown's FeetColin Stanley20454592
Hennessy HoopersMark2036.7479
Harden the InterruptionNick Conte2036.7497
Hennessy HoopersDanny18362124
Harden the InterruptionKyle1844.50882
Tommy Want WingyKyle S18366012
Hennessy HoopersMike1653.202860
Hop S. SmithWade1653.2100222
Antonio Brown's FeetSteven Lasky1443.50563
Antonio Brown's FeetSub1411414
Tommy Want WingyJake1343.30247
Board Men Get PaidMatt King1352.604243
Antonio Brown's FeetRyan Brown1334.4364
Board Men Get PaidRyan Frank12433234
Board Men Get PaidJames Madormo1133.70011
Hennessy HoopersEddie Janini1011010
Board Men Get PaidJohn Regan105242220
Hop S. SmithRory102546
Hennessy HoopersTyler Klein8188
Harden the InterruptionBryan Murphy62360
Tommy Want WingyZach E62324
Hennessy HoopersChris Griffin42222
Board Men Get PaidMatt Muellner42222
Hennessy HoopersAl Kator350.601020
Antonio Brown's FeetBrady22120
Harden the InterruptionDalton Daniels22120
Board Men Get PaidJack Billings120.501
Hop S. SmithMike02000

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