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Fall 2019 Sun DePaul Men’s Int Basketball – Player Stats

TeamPlayerTotal Points this SeasonNumber of Games PlayedAverage Points per GameWeek 2 PointsWeek 3 PointsWeek 4 PointsWeek 5 Points
Kyle & FriendsNick Carreri81420.327142020
Kyle & FriendsBlake Thoele764197231729
Latino Select (He's Cuban)Isaac Moore65321.7212222
Hamm's HoopersZak Niemiera63415.823121711
Orchids of AsiaJack Carney50412.51441814
Orchids of AsiaScott Ingram47411.81215146
Orchids of AsiaGrant Helm41313.7141215
Hamm's HoopersMarkee41220.52417
Latino Select (He's Cuban)Marcus Mercado40313.472112
INDY Team #5Tom35311.7101015
INDY Team #5Scott Whiting333117215
MonstarsWesley Dahle3348.3921210
Latino Select (He's Cuban)Marcos Bernal29214.51217
Good DAlec2839.412142
Good DJordan Watt2839.41198
Good DAlex2538.42716
Hamm's HoopersDalton Wheeler2538.41249
Hamm's HoopersHamm Hooper2538.41078
Team SweatChris Spaly2312323
Hamm's HoopersJames Barista23211.5149
MonstarsSean Lyons2245.53973
Orchids of AsiaEric Silcroft21371083
INDY Team #5Gerardo Ramos1836675
Kyle & FriendsZach1811818
INDY Team #5Archan Patel1711717
INDY Team #5Matt1711717
Hamm's HoopersTom Thanasouras1735.73122
Orchids of AsiaAiden1628142
Hamm's HoopersKevin1611616
MonstarsKevin `1611616
Hamm's HoopersSteve Kubiak1635.40142
Team SweatAaron Rosen1411414
Good DDanny1427140
Latino Select (He's Cuban)Joshua Edwards1427014
Orchids of AsiaAndrew1311313
Latino Select (He's Cuban)Andy1311313
Kyle & FriendsColin Maltsberger1334.4472
Kyle & FriendsEdwin Cruz1311313
Team SweatEvan1311313
Team SweatIan1211212
INDY Team #5Nathan Hawk1111111
Latino Select (He's Cuban)Bryan Villeda1033.4208
Orchids of AsiaMark1011010
Kyle & FriendsMatt1011010
Kyle & FriendsSam1033.4226
Good DSpencer1033.4802
Good DSpencer1033.4802
Good DAndy9199
Hamm's HoopersBrendan Reinert9199
Good DCarter9199
Hamm's HoopersDan Hunt82408
Kyle & FriendsJeff82408
MonstarsTim Hubner82444
Hamm's HoopersAndre7177
Kyle & FriendsKyle723.507
Team SweatSean Lonergan7177
Good DJeremy6166
Orchids of AsiaJory Berg641.56000
INDY Team #5Jack522.532
Good DJimmy522.523
INDY Team #5Renato Garcia522.523
Hamm's HoopersSpencer5155
Good DConnor4144
Team SweatDaniel Miron4144
Latino Select (He's Cuban)Daniel Silva431.4022
Orchids of AsiaBrian G331003
INDY Team #5Conrad3133
MonstarsAlec Coleman2122
Orchids of AsiaMichael Hartung22102
Kyle & FriendsSam Ikard2122
Latino Select (He's Cuban)Carter1111
Team SweatAryan Assar000
Latino Select (He's Cuban)Carlos Agron0100
Team SweatChris Penoyer000
Orchids of AsiaJake Bruemmer000
Hamm's HoopersKevin Keene0100
Good DRory02000
INDY Team #5Sam0100
INDY Team #5Sean Broderick0100

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