Winter 2019 Wednesday CIBC Fire Pitch Men’s Football – Week 6

 4th n Schlong (2-4) v. The Iron Condors (3-3) – Wednesday, March 13, and 2019

The Iron Condors forfeited to 4th n Schlong.  4th n Schlong finished the regular season in 6th place. The loss dropped The Iron Condors down to the #4 seed.


Dimons & Ducks (5-1) v. Son of a Butcher (1-5) – Wednesday, March 13, and 2019

In this Last Week of Regular Season game, the #1 seed, Dimons & Ducks, took on the #7 seed, Son of a Butcher. The final score of 44-20 reflects the hard work Dimons & Ducks put into every minute of the game.  Dimons & Ducks really showed up, exceeding their average of 37.20 ppg. QB Ian Good delivered six TDs, passing to Josh Watkins and AJ Washington each for two of them while hitting Eric Alexander and Banks each for one.  Son of a Butcher really gave everything they had on the offensive end in this game even though they lost, topping their average of 15.30 points per game this year.  During the loss, QB Brandon hit Rashad, Art, and David each for one touchdown.  Dimons & Ducks finished the regular season in 1st place.  This week’s loss didn’t help their record for playoffs and Son of a Butcher ended up as the #7 seed.


The Star-Nosed Moles (5-1) v. Checkdowners (5-1) – Wednesday, March 13, and 2019

Going into this game Checkdowners had 5 wins this season, 274 total points, and by the score of 40-20, The Star-Nosed Moles got a massive W.   The Star-Nosed Moles are the highest-scoring team in the league, averaging 52.3 ppg.  QB John Doran threw four touchdowns, passing to Ryan Barry, Alonso Huizar, Jack Libert, and Kevin Epp each for one of them and ran for one more.   During the loss for Checkdowners, QB Daniel Knisley hit Michael Jabs for two touchdowns and Isaac Hamlin for one.


INDY Team #7 (3-3) v. League of Shadows (0-6) – Wednesday, March 13, and 2019

INDY Team #7 brought it, beating their average of 29.70 points per game.  QBs Jake W and Tyler Brown combined for five touchdowns, passing to Jd Alexander, Najee Gregory, Isreal Hernandez, Tyler Brown, and John each for one of them and Jake W rushed in one on his own as well.  The loss for League of Shadows leaves them as the #8 seed heading into playoffs.