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Winter 2019 Wednesday CIBC Fire Pitch Men’s Flag Football – Week 1

Checkdowners (1-0) v. 4th n Schlong (0-1) – Wednesday, February 06, and 2019

Checkdowners shut out 4th n Schlong 48-0. If Checkdowners keep playing like this, you can count on them to keep earning more wins, as they are a higher-scoring team in the league early on for the season. QB Daniel Knisley threw seven scores, passing to Michael Jabs for three of them, Sean Oliver for two of them, and Andres Roldan and Bobby Centlivre for one each. 4th n Schlong may have to turn things around on offense if they want a good season, as these guys are the lowest-scoring team in the league early on for the season. Exiting week 1, Checkdowners will look ahead to keep their early season momentum. The Iron Condors (1-0-0) are next on the calendar for Checkdowners. For 4th n Schlong next on the calendar is The Star-Nosed Moles (0-1-0) as they look to come back from this one.


Dimons & Ducks (1-0) v. INDY Team #7 (0-1) – Wednesday, February 06, and 2019

Dimons & Ducks crushed INDY Team #7. Dimons & Ducks put 48 on the board and held INDY Team #7 to 8 points.  If Dimons & Ducks keep playing like this, they’re sure to find see more victories. QB Ian Good threw four TDs and QB Matt B threw one TD, hitting Tyler Leising for three of them, Mac Rechan for two of them, and Good ran for one with his legs. Despite losing, INDY Team #7 has a significant amount of time to improve on the offensive end. For INDY Team #7, QB Jake W hit Tyler Brown for one touchdown. For Dimons & Ducks, every game is a big chance to gain ground in the Standings at the beginning of the year. This week Dimons & Ducks will play League of Shadows (0-1-0). As for INDY Team #7 next up is a match-up against Son of a Butcher (1-0-0) as they try to rebound.


Son of a Butcher (1-0) v. League of Shadows (0-1) – Wednesday, February 06, and 2019

Son of a Butcher and League of Shadows were extremely evenly matched in this match-up. The final score of 10-8 reflects the hard work Son of a Butcher put into every minute of the game.  Son of a Butcher may have to try something different on offense in order to stay near the top of the standings this season. QB Brandon delivered one touchdown. It’s only week one, and League of Shadows has plenty of opportunities to pick it up on the offensive end. During the loss for League of Shadows, QB Remi Gangarossa hit Rafael Villagomez for one touchdown.  Son of a Butcher will try to stay atop the Standings with another W in week 2. INDY Team #7 (0-1-0) is next on the schedule for Son of a Butcher.   As for League of Shadows next on the schedule is Dimons & Ducks (1-0-0) as they strive to rebound.


The Iron Condors (1-0) v. The Star-Nosed Moles (0-1) – Wednesday, February 06, and 2019

The Iron Condors and The Star-Nosed Moles combined for an offensive explosion totaling 66 points. With a final score of 34-32, The Iron Condors start the season undefeated. QB Jimmy Savage delivered four scores, finding Mike Peterson for two of them, and Anthony Capobianco, Adam Black, and Mason P for the other three. Despite the loss, The Star-Nosed Moles has the whole season to get better on offense. During the loss for The Star-Nosed Moles, QB John Doran hit Grady Schmidt for two touchdowns, Kevin Epp and Patrick Pierret for one touchdown each, and then rushed for one. For The Iron Condors, every week is a critical opportunity to build momentum. Checkdowners (1-0-0) are next on the calendar for The Iron Condors. For The Star-Nosed Moles they will have a showdown against 4th n Schlong (0-1-0) as they strive to bounce back.