Winter 2019 Wednesday CIBC Fire Pitch Coed Soccer – Week 6

Net Six and Chill (6-0) vs. New Team, Who Dis? (0-6) – Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The #4 seed, New Team, Who Dis?, forfeited to the #1 seed, Net Six and Chill.  The forfeit puts New Team, Who Dis? in fourth place in the standings table. The loss for New Team, Who Dis? leaves them as the #4 seed heading into playoffs.  Net Six and Chill finished the regular season in 1st place.


T.O.T. (4-2) vs. INDY Team #3 (2-4) – Wednesday, March 13, 2019

As they did earlier in the year, T.O.T. won the second go-around between these two Teams. This game finished with a final score of 7-2. T.O.T. are playing an astounding offensive season. They’re averaging 5 goals per game. Nate Marsh tallied a hat trick to guide the club’s offense while Steve Wilhusen added two goals, Melissa Layton and Alysa J each added one.  T.O.T. finished the regular season in 2nd place.  INDY Team #3 really were unable to stop anything in this game, giving up more goals than their average of 5.2 GAPG for the season.  They still had notable players including Scott Hull and Ziggy W, who each had one goal for INDY Team #3.  Despite the loss this week, INDY Team #3 locked in their spot at the #3 seed.