Winter 2019 Thursday Windy City Fieldhouse Int Soccer – Week 8

INDY Team #1 (8-0) vs. Kicking and Screaming Doctors (0-8) – Thursday, March 14, 2019

In this Semi-Final game, the #1 seed, INDY Team #1, matched up against the #4 seed, Kicking and Screaming Doctors.  The last time these two teams met in week 1, INDY Team #1 won 6-4.  The results weren’t much different this time around.  Winning this match 9-3.  William Mcfarland leads INDY Team #1 this season in scoring and added 4 goals to their stats this week bringing William Mcfarland’s personal total to 23, which is the highest in the league. While Ryan Winkler and Kelly Hogan each scored 2 and Julian Miezitis added one.  In spite of losing, Kicking and Screaming Doctors has been doing great on offense, with a total of 21 goals.  They still had notable players including Ben Seidman, who netted two goals for Kicking and Screaming Doctors while Noe Soriano added 1. They dominated in the regular season, and it’s no surprise INDY Team #1 advances to the championship game.  Read the recap below to find out how they did.  Unfortunately for Kicking and Screaming Doctors, this loss means the end of their season.


Uber Freight (4-4) vs. MonEY Moves (3-5) – Thursday, March 14, 2019

In this Semi-Final game, the #2 seed, Uber Freight, took on the #3 seed, MonEY Moves.  They still had notable players including Nikki Levy, who had two goals for MonEY Moves while Kate and Alex Chernick each added one.  MonEY Moves is done with playoffs, which means it’s time for a team meeting at the bar to regroup for next season.  Tony led their team to victory with a hat-trick while Justin added 2 goals and Phil added one.  The semi-final win for Uber Freight advanced them to the championship game. Read the Championship recap below to see how they finished.


INDY Team #1 (8-0) vs. Uber Freight (4-4) – Thursday, March 14, 2019

It was a Championship Game written for the movies. The #1 team, INDY Team #1 played the #2 team, Uber Freight for the prestigious long-sleeve shirts forever capturing the moment of glory.  Uber Freight was optimistic heading into the championship match, so this loss is a tough one.  Phil and Cody Trucco each scored two goals  in the tough loss for Uber Freight but they definitely have what it takes to win and we expect to see them doing well again next season.  This was one of two games for INDY Team #1. Both matches were victories and increased their total goals scored to 84.  William McFarland tallied a hat-trick, while Ryan Winkler and Meredith Darcy each scored 2 goals and Kelly Hogan added one.  Congratulations to INDY Team #1 on a great season and their championship win! We hope to see this squad return to defend their title.