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Urban goat milking. Strip bowling. Beach boot camp.

These are just a few of the challenges you can expect at City Chase, the urban adventure challenge that’s turning the city into one giant obstacle course this weekend.

The Amazing Race-style format includes scouring the city for “Chase Points” which are awarded after the successful completion of challenges from crocodile cuddling to impromptu street karaoke.

Warning: You may also find yourself rappelling down the Navy Piers towers or eating gross plates Fear Factor-style.

The only tools you’ll have available are your own two feet, public transport, a clue sheet, smart phone, and the kindness of strangers who you may ask for help. The first team to cross the finish line having completed 10 challenges wins, advancing to the North American championships in Quebec City.

But no matter what sort of crazy antics you get yourself into, there’s always one last challenge to complete — drinking and swapping war stories at Moe’s Cantina in River North at the afterparty.

Those margaritas are an obstacle course all by themselves.

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