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Hit or Miss-fits (1-0) vs. FC Red (0-1) – Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Hit or Miss-fits and FC Red had a close one up to the last minute with a final score of 5-4. The season is still young, and FC Red has tons of weeks to go back to the drawing board on the offensive side of the ball. For the victors, their offense came from the combined efforts of Sandro, Kaie DeWyze, and Greg Hertel with one goal apiece and Paul Clementi with two. Noah Ozbag was the star player for FC Red this week. They scored all of the goals for their team. As for FC Red they will have a match-up with Kicking&Screaming (0-1-1) as they strive to rebound.  INDY Team #2 (0-0-1) are next on the schedule for Hit or Miss-fits, as they look for another win early on this season. 

INDY Team #2 (0-0-1) vs. Kicking&Screaming (0-1-1) – Tuesday, June 25, 2019

INDY Team #2 and Kicking&Screaming finished in a draw and concluded with a stalemate at 4-4. Kicking&Screaming had a double header. Perhaps on a night they only had one game, this tie could have been a victory. For INDY Team #2, their four goals came from Evan Sanders, Filip Szeszko, Richard Pryce, and Melissa Stawicki. In the tie, Robert Moauro, Brian Homerding, Craig Schieve, and Beth each kicked one goal for Kicking&Screaming. Exiting week 1, INDY Team #2 looks ahead to Hit or Miss-fits (1-0-0) who are next on the schedule.  For Kicking&Screaming next up is FC Red (0-1-0).

Pandas FC (1-0) vs. Kicking&Screaming (0-1-1) – Tuesday, June 25, 2019

In this match, Pandas FC beat Kicking&Screaming 6-2. Kicking&Screaming had two games this week. In contrast to their other game, the defense crumbled in critical moments, but unfortunately it was their first loss of the season. For the victors, their offense came from two goals from Michelle Raymond and one goal apiece from Patrick McNamara, Garret Hill, Molly Murphy, and Tim Griffin. Mark Laskowski was the star player for Kicking&Screaming this week. They scored all two goals for them. Pandas FC will look to stay atop the Standings with another W in week 2. As for Kicking&Screaming, next on the calendar is FC Red (0-1-0) as they try to come back from this one.

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