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Cheeky Monkey (0-0-1) vs. Fat Cat (0-0-1) – Thursday, August 22, 2019

Cheeky Monkey and Fat Cat had a draw and finished all tied at 2-2. This is Fat Cat’s first tie this season and it was their best offensive performance yet. In the tie, Michael Garai and Jay Garcia both had one goal for Fat Cat. This week’s result puts Cheeky Monkey in second place in the standings. Tom Ostrander and Kawi scored one goal each to help earn the team the win.  For Fat Cat they will go toe to toe with Larry’s V2.0 (1-1-0).  Exiting week 1, Cheeky Monkey looks ahead to INDY Team #4 (0-1-0) who are next on the docket.  

Larry’s V2.0 (1-1) vs. INDY Team #4 (0-1) – Thursday, August 22, 2019

In this match the teams combined for an offensive explosion totaling 10 goals.  Despite INDY Team #4’s impressive 4 goals, Larry’s V2.0 got the win with the other 6 goals. It’s only the first week, and INDY Team #4 has plenty of opportunities to pick it up on the offensive end. The losing team still had notable players including Rafael Bergerman and Chris Faxel, who tallied two goals for INDY Team #4.  As for INDY Team #4 they will have a date against Cheeky Monkey (0-0-1) as they attempt to get to the win column. This week, Larry’s V2.0 came ready for a double header. This was the better played match, which helped them claim their #2 rank in the standings table. James S scored a hat trick to lead the team’s attack. The combo of Joe Rashid, Nick Davis, and Leeah Rivas scored the other three goals to get the team to their winning total of six. For Larry’s V2.0, each game is a critical opportunity to get cruisin as the season gets going. Next up is a throwdown against Fat Cat (0-0-1). 

It’s A Llama (1-0) vs. Larry’s V2.0 (1-1) – Thursday, August 22, 2019

It’s A Llama shut out Larry’s V2.0 with a final score of just 1-0. Melissa prevented the team’s loss by scoring their only goal. The defenders did a great job in this game by helping David Naidoff earn a clean sheet. Exiting week 1, It’s A Llama will look ahead to keep their early season momentum. Larry’s V2.0 had a double header. The game could have gone either way, but at least the loss didn’t ding their standings too bad as they still sit at the top of the table in 2nd place.  For Larry’s V2.0 next on the docket is Fat Cat (0-0-1) as they strive to rebound.

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