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Balls Deep (9-0-1) vs. Net Six and Chill (9-1) – Monday, October 14, 2019

It was a Championship Game written for the movies. The #1 team, Balls Deep played the #2 team, Net Six and Chill for the prestigious long-sleeve shirts forever capturing the moment of glory. This is Net Six and Chill’s first loss of the season. The losing team still had notable players including Mike Horan, who scored one goal for Net Six and Chill. Net Six and Chill came so close to the championship title. They’re not an easy team to beat and looking ahead to next season, they are definitely a team that will be at the top of the standings table. Balls Deep have consistently shown they are an attacking team. They’re averaging 3 goals per game. Josh Mah leads Balls Deep this season in scoring and added another goal to their stats this week bringing Josh Mah’s personal total to 14, which is the highest in the league. Congratulations to Balls Deep on a great season and their championship win! We hope to see this squad return to defend their title.

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