Gruden’s Grinders (8-2) v. INDY Team #6 (3-5-1) – Tuesday, August 28, 2018
Gruden’s Grinders, the #2 seed, matched up against INDY Team #6, the #5 seed, in this semifinal game. The last time these two teams met in week 1, Gruden’s Grinders won 19-0. The results weren’t much different this time around. The final score of 33-6 reflects the hard work Gruden’s Grinders put into every minute of the game. This team really brought it on D in this one, beating their season points against average of 12.3 points per game. QB Francis Besana passed four TDs, hitting Fred for three of them. In the loss, QB Cody Kirby hit Joseph Leathead for one touchdown. Unfortunately for Indy Team #6, their season has ended. Next up for Gruden’s Grinders is the championship game.

Money Team (11-0) v. Gruden’s Grinders (8-2) – Tuesday, August 28, 2018
It was a Championship Game written for the movies. The #1 team, Money Team played the #2 team, Gruden’s Grinders for the prestigious long-sleeve shirts forever capturing the moment of glory. Money Team put 21 on the board and held their opponent to 6 points. This team really stepped up on D in this game, beating their season points against average of 8.5 points per game. QB Cody Pantle delivered two TDs, passing to Andrew Marks for one of them and ran for one more. With an undefeated season and a blowout championship win, Money Team may want to consider a more competitive league for next season. But whichever Chicago Sport and Social Club league they decide to play in, they’re going to be a tough match for any opponent. Congratulations on your victory! Being one of the top two teams, Gruden’s Grinders was optimistic heading into the championship match, so this loss is a tough one. But they definitely have what it takes to win and we expect to see them doing well again next season.