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Jimmy Savile’s U10s (2-0) vs. FC Chell (1-1) – Saturday, June 22, 2019

Jimmy Savile’s U10s beat FC Chell 5-2 in this game. FC Chell really struggled to get it going in this game, scoring less than their total from their Week 1 game. For the victors, the offense came from Chris Cogbill, Lee H, and Cassie F who each had one goal. Britney Baird scored two to round out the attack. Michael Kuntz was the star player for FC Chell this week. They scored all two goals for their team. For FC Chell they will have a contest against Peaked in High School (2-0-0) as they attempt to come back from this one. For Jimmy Savile’s U10s, next up is a match-up against Fut Fetish FC (0-2-0), as they go for another W. 

INDY Team #3 (1-1) vs. Fut Fetish FC (0-2) – Saturday, June 22, 2019

INDY Team #3 beat Fut Fetish FC 8-3 in this game. Fut Fetish FC really gave it their all on offense in this one despite the loss, exceeding their total from their opening match. INDY Team #3 had goals one goal from Cassie F, two goals apiece from Ryan J and Rachid Ouchnid, and a hattrick from Edward Woodford. The losing team still had notable players including Jared Lyons, Lorena Soria, and Christian Fleurent, who each put in one goal for Fut Fetish FC.  For Fut Fetish FC next up is a game against Jimmy Savile’s U10s (2-0-0) as they attempt to get to the win column.   INDY Team #3 will attempt to stay atop the Standings with another W in week 3. Squad Goals (0-2-0) are next on the schedule for INDY Team #3. 

Peaked in High School (2-0) vs. Squad Goals (0-2) – Saturday, June 22, 2019

As was the case earlier this season, Peaked in High School won the rematch against Squad Goals. This game finished with a final score of 2-0.  Even though they lost, these guys really did everything they could defensively, allowing fewer goals than they allowed in their opening game. In the victory, Nick and Turne both scored one goal. As for Squad Goals next up is a contest with INDY Team #3 (1-1-0) as they attempt to rebound.   Exiting week 2, Peaked in High School will look ahead to keep their early season momentum. Next up is a throwdown with FC Chell (1-1-0). 

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