Spring 2024 Monday Foster Turf Coed Rec 8v8 Soccer – Player Stats

TeamPlayerTotal GoalsTotal Games as GoalieWeek 1 GoalsWeek 1 Goal keeperWeek 2 GoalsWeek 2 Goal keeperWeek 3 GoalsWeek 3 Goal keeper
Cleats and CleavageRyan Behm6024
Kicking and ScreamingJustin Hsieh31GK3
Cleats and CleavageMitchell Henning31GK3
Kicking and ScreamingRachel Hyland3012
Win or BoozeDean Gastouniotis3021
Win or BoozeNick Georgelos3021
Cleats and CleavageShannon Carroll3021
Kicking and ScreamingBill Kobus202
Serbia U15 Girls B TeamFelipe Alban202
Serbia U15 Girls B TeamJeff Pioquinto202
Win or BoozeThomas Reinhart202
Cleats and CleavageHannah Khilevich101
Kicking and ScreamingBjargey Olafsson101
Cleats and CleavageMegan Carroll101
Cleats and CleavageJames Wyma111GK
Soccer SlayersAaron Moon101
Soccer SlayersMatthew McJoynt101
Win or BoozeLewis Wang101
Win or BoozeTimothy Bisantz12GKGK1
INDY Team #1Thomas Drakontis101
INDY Team #1Nick 101
Serbia U15 Girls B TeamJuan 101
Kicking and ScreamingBrad Krueger00
Kicking and ScreamingJohn Boarden00
Cleats and CleavageSalvatore Potts00
Cleats and CleavageAnthony Kordysh00
Win or BoozeConnor Rickard00
Cleats and CleavageCharles Sockol00
Serbia U15 Girls B TeamGabriella Ryan00
Serbia U15 Girls B TeamBrad Fahs01GK
Serbia U15 Girls B TeamObaid Ansari01GK
Serbia U15 Girls B TeamMaxim Manolovic00
Serbia U15 Girls B TeamNikola Jokic00
Serbia U15 Girls B TeamLauryn Repp00
Serbia U15 Girls B TeamRebecca Pineau00
Serbia U15 Girls B TeamMadison McClenathan01GK
Kicking and ScreamingBrittany Van Cleave00
Serbia U15 Girls B TeamLila Finney00
Kicking and ScreamingMcKinley Grieve01GK
Soccer SlayersAndrew Brown00
Cleats and CleavageZack Schwartz00
Soccer SlayersCaroline Collins00
Cleats and CleavageCourtney Anderson00
Soccer SlayersEric Nerenberg00
Soccer SlayersAngie Salvi00
Soccer SlayersMaddie Schulz00
Soccer SlayersSarah Whalen00
Soccer SlayersTongyu Guo01GK
Soccer SlayersSophia Sarkis00
Soccer SlayersNeven Shervais00
Soccer SlayersAdam Mrozowski01GK
Soccer SlayersSydney Gallo00
Soccer SlayersGianna Sarallo00
Cleats and CleavageAllison Brucato00
Cleats and CleavageSara Hoult00
Cleats and CleavageCaleb Marsh01GK
Win or BoozeBrigid Skeffington00
Win or BoozeTristan Byall00
Win or BoozeRiley Wiest00
Win or BoozeMeg Rogan00
Win or BoozeTaj Carter00
Win or BoozeDylan Johnston00
INDY Team #1James Dwyer00
INDY Team #1Christopher Johnsen00
INDY Team #1Connor Christie01GK
INDY Team #1Krysten Farley00
INDY Team #1Andy Drier00
INDY Team #1Eddie Aponte00
INDY Team #1Rachel Batman00
INDY Team #1Matthew West00
INDY Team #1Jack Fojut00
INDY Team #1Tim 01GK
Kicking and ScreamingDaniel 01GK
Win or BoozeTim 01GK