Spring 2023 Wednesday Lincoln Park Turf (May 17th) Men’s Int 7v7 Flag Football – Player Stats

TeamPlayerTotal Passing TDsTotal Rushing TDsTotal Receiving TDsTotal Defensive TDsTotal TDsWeek 1 Passing TDsWeek 1 Rushing TDsWeek 1 Receiving TDsWeek 1 Defensive TDsWeek 2 Passing TDsWeek 2 Rushing TDsWeek 2 Receiving TDsWeek 2 Defensive TDsWeek 2 DH Passing TDsWeek 2 DH Rushing TDsWeek 2 DH Receiving TDsWeek 2 DH Defensive TDs
Wolves of Marcey StMark Lauerman001011
Wolves of Marcey StCole Etheridge0020211
Wolves of Marcey StBrian Davis00000
Alpha Dogs & AchalAlec Rourke00000
Wolves of Marcey StKevin Cooney00000
Alpha Dogs & AchalCruz Hernandez00000
Wolves of Marcey StPeter Schuette00000
Alpha Dogs & AchalMeet Sharma00000
Alpha Dogs & AchalEnrique Nieves Jr00000
Alpha Dogs & AchalBrian Swanson00000
Thirsty two-cansKeith Griswold00000
Thirsty two-cansMatt Palmer0040422
Alpha Dogs & AchalWilliam Diaz00000
Thirsty two-cansBobby Trifone00000
Alpha Dogs & AchalAsalem Haleem00000
Thirsty two-cansDaniel Cummins001011
Thirsty two-cansJimmy Daley00000
No PuntingDaniel Echt00000
No PuntingZak Lieberman00000
Thirsty two-cansJames Angst00000
Thirsty two-cansAdrian Harris00000
Commitment Issues IncStuart Bekanon00000
Commitment Issues IncJohn Bush-Joseph00000
Wolves of Marcey StRyan Priess00000
Commitment Issues IncTahir Meeks00000
Commitment Issues IncTommy Galanopoulos620084121
Commitment Issues IncMatt McGraw00000
Commitment Issues IncGeorge Tripkos001011
Commitment Issues IncDaniel Studer00000
Commitment Issues IncBrian Stranz00000
Commitment Issues IncBaron Woodall00000
Commitment Issues IncAdam Pignato00000
Commitment Issues IncJeremy Pignato00000
Commitment Issues IncDylan Fleites00000
Commitment Issues IncSam Shemroske001011
Alpha Dogs & AchalSymon Mkandawire00000
Alpha Dogs & AchalDavid Harris00000
No Puntingcharlie kogan00000
No PuntingIan Fulton000111
No PuntingDanny Mass00000
No PuntingTommy Rudman23016123
No PuntingRyan Mass0040422
Alpha Dogs & AchalMark Arriaga00000
Thirsty two-cansMatt Tozeski001011
Wolves of Marcey StKyle McRae1020321
Alpha Dogs & AchalRyan Mackenzie00000
Alpha Dogs & AchalJean-claude Chassagne jr00000
Alpha Dogs & AchalNeema Webber00000
Alpha Dogs & AchalJuan Gibson II00000
Alpha Dogs & AchalLogan McDonell00000
Alpha Dogs & AchalBrian Conant00000
Alpha Dogs & AchalKia Webber00000
Alpha Dogs & AchalAchal Patel00000
Alpha Dogs & AchalJoseph Lombardo00000
Commitment Issues IncJames 0040431
No PuntingTommy 2200422
Thirsty two-cansTrevor 80008233
Wolves of Marcey StConnor 41016411
Wolves of Marcey StNick 1010211
Thirsty two-cansJake 001011
Thirsty two-cansTodd 001011

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