Spring 2023 Saturday Lincoln Park Turf Coed REC Flag Football – Player Stats

TeamPlayerTotal Passing TDsTotal Rushing TDsTotal Receiving TDsTotal Defensive TDsTotal TDsWeek 1 Passing TDsWeek 1 Rushing TDsWeek 1 Receiving TDsWeek 1 Defensive TDsWeek 2 Passing TDsWeek 2 Rushing TDsWeek 2 Receiving TDsWeek 2 Defensive TDsWeek 3 Passing TDsWeek 3 Rushing TDsWeek 3 Receiving TDsWeek 3 Defensive TDsWeek 4 Passing TDsWeek 4 Rushing TDsWeek 4 Receiving TDsWeek 4 Defensive TDsWeek 5 Passing TDsWeek 5 Rushing TDsWeek 5 Receiving TDsWeek 5 Defensive TDsWeek 6 Passing TDsWeek 6 Rushing TDsWeek 6 Receiving TDsWeek 6 Defensive TDsWeek 6 DH Passing TDsWeek 6 DH Rushing TDsWeek 6 DH Receiving TDsWeek 6 DH Defensive TDsWeek 6 DH2 Passing TDsWeek 6 DH2 Rushing TDsWeek 6 DH2 Receiving TDsWeek 6 DH2 Defensive TDsSemifinals Passing TDsSemifinals Rushing TDsSemifinals Receiving TDsSemifinals Defensive TDsChampionship Passing TDsChampionship Rushing TDsChampionship Receiving TDsChampionship Defensive TDs
CeeDees TDsKimberly Hickey001011
CeeDees TDsCordell Murphy103152111
CeeDees TDsMarcel Poindexter0032511111
CeeDees TDsJacob Burnett23321293434111141114
CeeDees TDsWilliam Hooper0020211
CeeDees TDssofia lee00000
CeeDees TDsLan Tran00303111
Sacks and The CityFrenando Blevins0020211
Sacks and The CityEmily Harrod001011
Sacks and The CityStebins Samuel00000
Sacks and The CityHaley Weinberg001011
Red FlagsAshley Luehmann00000
Sacks and The CitySophia Hdija00000
Red FlagsAaron Luesse00213111
Sacks and The CityAnna May001011
Sacks and The CityJacob Riggs00000
Red FlagsJonathan Williams0020211
Red FlagsCameron Fish6120941121
Red FlagsEric Kim0020211
Red FlagsAllison Jensen00000
Red FlagsPaige Magnin00000
Red FlagsAngela Scharf00000
Red FlagsZachary Antwan00303111
Red FlagsAmanda Ryan00000
Red FlagsEvan Oesterle154102041131121231
Sacks and The CityAbigail Werner00000
Sacks and The CityYomi Adekahunsi2200422
Sacks and The CityShannon Yeomans00000
Sacks and The CityAli Yancey00000
Sacks and The CityJohn Jones12100132121232
Picks or it Didn't HappenJessica Lang00000
Picks or it Didn't HappenMichael Johnson216110212131
Picks or it Didn't HappenAlexa Panourgias00000
Picks or it Didn't HappenJacob Neuman00000
Picks or it Didn't HappenDavid Prater0020211
Picks or it Didn't HappenDanielle St Amand00000
Picks or it Didn't HappenMax Milone0060611112
Picks or it Didn't HappenConner Griffin0030312
Picks or it Didn't HappenJulia Strackhouse001011
Picks or it Didn't HappenJoshua Pelberg0020211
Picks or it Didn't HappenTomas 001011
Picks or it Didn't HappenReese 1400115353121
Picks or it Didn't HappenAlex 001011
Red FlagsCarson 002022
Sacks and The CityElise 001011
CeeDees TDsTim 414110111124
CeeDees TDsChristina 010011
Red FlagsCourtney 02103111
CeeDees TDsLeo 0050523
CeeDees TDsJianna 41207111121
Sacks and The CitySam 001011
CeeDees TDsBrittney 0030312
CeeDees TDsRuben 001011
CeeDees TDsJim 001011
Sacks and The CityTom 0050523
Red FlagsHenry 0020211
Picks or it Didn't HappenZach 61007313
CeeDees TDsLeon 0011211
CeeDees TDsRJ 001011
Sacks and The CityIsaac001011
Sacks and The CityCaitlin001011
Red FlagsBen0030312
Red FlagsGriffin001011

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