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KaBoom! (2-0) v. Nasty Narwhals (0-1) – Monday, April 5, and 2021

KaBoom! topped Nasty Narwhals 26-13 on opening night of the Spring 2021 Monday Lincoln Park TURF Coed REC Flag Football League. If KaBoom! keep playing like this, you can count on them to keep their early #1 spot in the League Standings, as this squad is the highest-scoring team in the league after Week 1. QB Shaun Himmerick tossed four TD passes in this one for KaBoom!, connecting with Alex Del Muro for two of them. It was a fantastic start to KaBoom!’s season but they could not celebrate this victory for too long as they needed to step right back onto the field and take on No Punt Intended as they were scheduled for the Week 1 double header. More on this game below. Nasty Narwhals did everything they could to sneak out a Week 1 victory, unfortunately they came up a little shy. For Nasty Narwhals, in the loss, Tim Murphy and Adam Castello each fired a touchdown pass to help keep their squad in this game.  As for Nasty Narwhals next up is a game with No Punt Intended (0-1-0) coming up in Week 2 as they try to rebound from this defeat.


KaBoom! (2-0) v. No Punt Intended (0-1) – Monday, April 5, and 2021

By the exact same score of 26-13 like their first game of the evening, KaBoom! got their second W of the night to stay unbeaten and atop the League Standings as they cruised past No Punt Intended. The season is still young, but KaBoom! are the early leaders in scoring. QB Shaun Himmerick threw three more TDs in this one for KaBoom!, finding Willie Hull for two of them. For KaBoom!, next up is a battle against 60 Yard Line coming up in Week 2, as they go for their third straight victory. No Punt Intended may need to turn things around on offense if they want to turn things around here, as they are the lowest-scoring team in the league after Week 1. During the loss, QB Carlie connected with Marcus Agee for one of their two scores in this game. For No Punt Intended they will move on to a pairing against Nasty Narwhals (0-1-0) coming up in Week 2 as both of these teams will be looking to record their first victory of the season.

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