Spring 2020 Wed UIC Turf TURF Coed Rec/Int 7 vs. 7 Outdoor Turf Soccer – Week 4

INDY Team #3 (2-1-1) vs. Goode FC (2-1-1) – Wednesday, August 12, 2020

INDY Team #3 controlled this game in shut out fashion against Goode FC with a final score of 3-0. INDY Team #3 seems to have found their groove and has won two games in a row. Arjun Patel tallied a hat trick to help earn the crew the win.  Plant Based Plants (3-0-1) is next up on the docket for Goode FC, as they attempt to rebound.  Formerly In Shape FC (2-2-0) are next up on the schedule for INDY Team #3, as they look to keep it going.

Formerly In Shape FC (2-2) vs. Uber Freight #1 (1-2-1) – Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Formerly In Shape FC beat Uber Freight #1 3-1 in this game. Uber Freight #1 were unable to get rolling on the offensive end in this game, scoring fewer than their average of 3.0 goals per game for the season. Chris Chmielewski scored the only goal for Uber Freight #1 to get their team on the board.  INDY Team #6 (0-3-0) is next up on the calendar for Uber Freight #1, as they attempt to rebound. Sergio Miranda leads Formerly In Shape FC this season in scoring and added to their stats this week with 2 goals bringing Sergio Miranda’s personal total to 2. Sergio Miranda scored two goals to steer the team’s offense. Next up for Formerly In Shape FC is a date against INDY Team #3 (2-1-1).

Plant Based Plants (3-0-1) vs. INDY Team #6 (0-3) – Wednesday, August 12, 2020

In this match, Plant Based Plants beat INDY Team #6 8-2. They’re on fire! Molly Stark scored a hat trick to help earn the group the victory. On Wednesday, Plant Based Plants battles against Goode FC (2-1-1) in an attempt to stay unblemished.  It’s week 4 and INDY Team #6 have only scored a total of 4 goals all season. The losing team still had notable players including Joseph Szmadzinski, who accounted for one goal for INDY Team #6.  On Wednesday, INDY Team #6 will attempt to get their first win versus Uber Freight #1 (1-2-1).