Spring 2020 Wed Lincoln Park South TURF Coed Rec 8 vs. 8 Outdoor Turf Soccer – Week 4

INDY Team #3 (2-1-1) vs. Kick in a Box (0-3-1) – Wednesday, August 5, 2020

INDY Team #3 put on a show on both sides of the pitch against Kick in a Box with a final score of 2-0. INDY Team #3 really showed up in this game, surpassing their average of 1.5 goals per game.  Amanda Tucker accounted for one goal. The club’s goalkeeper, Robert Brunner, got a shutout in this one. Next up for INDY Team #3 is a date against Grass Kickers (3-1-0).  Kick in a Box didn’t have their best stuff in this one, and suffered a shutout.  Kick in a Box looks to get their first win next week with a match-up against Let’s Get Messi (2-2-0).

Outrageous Fun (2-1-1) vs. Let’s Get Messi (2-2) – Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Outrageous Fun shut out Let’s Get Messi with a final score of just 1-0. Outrageous Fun showed some toughness in this contest, emerging victorious, despite scoring less than their average goals per game of 1.5.  Kevin Boone prevented the team’s loss by scoring their only goal. Shout-out to their goalie for the shutout! Monty’s Maniacs (0-2-2) are next up on the schedule for Outrageous Fun, as they look to keep it going.  Let’s Get Messi were unable to get rolling on offense in this one, and came short of making it onto the scoreboard.  Next up for Let’s Get Messi is a battle against Kick in a Box (0-3-1), as they attempt to bounce back.

Tenderloins (1-1-2) vs. Team Boohoo (2-1-1) – Wednesday, August 5, 2020

It took half the season, but Tenderloins finally earned their first win! They defeated Team Boohoo 1-1. This is Team Boohoo’s first tie this season and they’re currently sitting in fourth place in the standings. Miles Tracey was the star player for Team Boohoo this week. They scored the only goal for their team. For Team Boohoo they will go toe to toe with TQL Chicago SC (0-3-1). This week’s result puts Tenderloins in seventh place in the standings. Fiona Mckenna scored the team’s only goal, keeping their team in the game. Exiting week 4, Tenderloins will look ahead to Beast Incarnates (3-1-0) who are next on the calendar.

Monty’s Maniacs (0-2-2) vs. Shenanigans (0-1-3) – Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Monty’s Maniacs and Shenanigans played to a draw and finished tied up at 0-0. Shenanigans don’t have a reputation of scoring a lot of goals this season, so this result wasn’t much of a surprise. They currently have a total of 3 goals over 4 games.  For Shenanigans coming up next on the calendar is Shooting for Shotz (3-1-0). This victory for the Monty’s Maniacs came as a surprise considering it’s week 4 and they have only scored a total of 1 goals. Exiting week 4, Monty’s Maniacs will look ahead to Outrageous Fun (2-1-1) who are next on the calendar.

Beast Incarnates (3-1) vs. TQL Chicago SC (0-3-1) – Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Beast Incarnates and TQL Chicago SC competed a nail-biter up to the last minute with a final score of 4-3. TQL Chicago SC really were unable to stop anything in this one, surrendering more goals than their average of 2.8 goals against per game for the season. The losing team still had notable players including Alex Rohder, who scored two goals for TQL Chicago SC.  TQL Chicago SC attempts to get off the schneid on Wednesday against Team Boohoo (2-1-1). They’re on fire! Spencer Smith lasered in two goals to steer the team’s attack. Next up for Beast Incarnates is a showdown against Tenderloins (1-1-2).

Shooting for Shotz (3-1) vs. Grass Kickers (3-1) – Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Shooting for Shotz and Grass Kickers were extremely evenly matched in this game up to the last minute with a final score of 3-2. This is the second week in a row Shooting for Shotz took home the win. Edward Maynard scored two goals and earned the most tallies on the scoresheet. Next up for Shooting for Shotz is a showdown against Shenanigans (0-1-3).  This is Grass Kickers’s first loss of the season but it didn’t impact their #1 ranking in the league. The losing team still had notable players including Owen , who scored one goal for Grass Kickers.  INDY Team #3 (2-1-1) are next up on the schedule for Grass Kickers, as they try to bounce back.

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