Spring 2020 Sat Lincoln Park Turf TURF Men’s Int 7 vs. 7 Flag Football – Week 3

INDY Team #3 (2-1) v. Swamp Donkeys (2-1) – Saturday, August 8, and 2020

INDY Team #3 and Swamp Donkeys competed in a nail-biter. By the score of 14-7, INDY Team #3 got a win to get their third-straight win.   QB Sulaymaan Muhammad delivered two scores, passing to Robbie Adams for most of them. Swamp Donkeys struggled to get it going on the offensive end in this game, scoring less than their average of 16.00 ppg for the year. For Swamp Donkeys, in the loss, QB Garrett May hit Adam Leja for one touchdown. Saturday’s Are Ferda Boys (2-1-0) are next up on the calendar for INDY Team #3, as they look to keep it going.   Next up for Swamp Donkeys is a match-up against The Wolf-pack (0-3-0), as they look to get back on track.

Saturday’s Are Ferda Boys (2-1) v. The Wolf-pack (0-3) – Saturday, August 8, and 2020

The Wolf-pack forfeited to Saturday’s Are Ferda Boys. Looks like The Wolf-pack forfeited to Saturday’s Are Ferda Boys this week. Next up for Saturday’s Are Ferda Boys is a contest against INDY Team #3 (2-1-0).   Next game, The Wolf-pack faces off against Swamp Donkeys (2-1-0) in an attempt to get their first win.

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