Spring 2020 Sat Lincoln Park South TURF (10am-1pm) Coed Rec 8 vs. 8 Outdoor Turf Soccer – Week 4

Net Six and Chill (3-1) vs. INDY Team #7 (0-4) – Saturday, August 8, 2020

In this match, Net Six and Chill beat INDY Team #7 5-3. This heartbreaking loss comes when INDY Team #7 scored their personal best of the season. The losing team still had notable players including Danielle Murphy, who accounted for one goal for INDY Team #7. They’re on fire! Phil Troscinski tallied a hat trick to guide the squad’s attack.  Next game, INDY Team #7 seeks to get off the schneid with a match-up against Footloose (1-3-0).  Chicago Cougars (4-0-1) are next up on the docket for Net Six and Chill, as they look to keep it going.

Jimmy’s U10s (2-2) vs. Camel Toepoke (1-1-2) – Saturday, August 8, 2020

Jimmy’s U10s beat Camel Toepoke 3-1 in this game. Jimmy’s U10s really showed up in this one, topping their average of 1.3 goals per game.  James Warren scored one goal to help earn the group the W. Next up for Jimmy’s U10s is a throwdown against Peaked in High School (4-0-1).  This is Camel Toepoke’s first loss of the season. Ben Slupecki scored the only goal for Camel Toepoke to get their team on the board.  EY (0-4-0) are next up on the docket for Camel Toepoke, as they try to bounce back.

Chicago Cougars (4-0-1) vs. Footloose (1-3) – Saturday, August 8, 2020

Chicago Cougars shut out Footloose with a final score of just 1-0. Footloose were unable to get rolling in terms of scoring in this one, and suffered a shutout. They’re on fire! Uge Martinez was the hero on offense and scored their only goal. Shout-out to keeper, Joe Karp, for the shutout! Next up for Footloose is a match-up against INDY Team #7 (0-4-0), as they attempt to bounce back.  Next week, Chicago Cougars faces off against Net Six and Chill (3-1-0) in an attempt to stay undefeated.

Peaked in High School (4-0-1) vs. EY (0-4) – Saturday, August 8, 2020

Peaked in High School absolutely dominated this game in shut out fashion against EY with a final score of 5-0. Willie Filian of Peaked in High School is MVP and now has the most goals in the league with a whopping 4 goals! Gabbi Mcartor kicked two goals. The defenders did a great job in this game by helping Jarrod Juskiewicz earn a clean sheet. EY didn’t have their best stuff on offense in this one, and suffered a shutout. Peaked in High School will seek to stay undefeated next week with a Game against Jimmy’s U10s (2-2-0).   On Saturday, EY seeks to get their first win with a match-up against Camel Toepoke (1-1-2).