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Blue Guys (2-0-1) vs. Toe Ballers (2-0-1) – Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Blue Guys and Toe Ballers were very well-matched in this one and concluded knotted up at 2-2. This was both teams first tie this season.  In the tie, Michael scored one goal for Toe Ballers, while Blue Guys helped them out by scoring a goal for the Toe Ballers.  For Blue Guys Mike taylor and Charles Ishola each scored one goal in the tie.  For Toe Ballers next on the schedule is Kick in a Box (0-2-1). Exiting week 3, Blue Guys will look ahead to Train Wreck (3-0-0) who are next on the calendar.


Kick in a Box (0-2-1) vs. Zombies! (0-2-1) – Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Kick in a Box and Zombies! were very even in this match-up and concluded tied up at 0-0. Exiting week 3, Kick in a Box looks ahead to Toe Ballers (2-0-1) who are next on the docket.  For Zombies! they will go toe to toe with Chicago Handshakes (0-3-0).


Train Wreck (3-0) vs. Chicago Handshakes (0-3) – Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Train Wreck beat Chicago Handshakes 4-2 in this game.  Chicago Handshakes really were unable to put up much of a defense in this one, surrendering more goals than their average of 2.3 GAPG for the year. They still had notable players including David and Shab who each tallied one goal for Chicago Handshakes. For Train Wreck Randy scored a hat trick while Ben added one goal in the win.  Train Wreck will seek to stay perfect next Wednesday with a showdown against Blue Guys (2-0-1).   Next week, Chicago Handshakes battles against Zombies! (0-2-1) in an attempt to get on the board with a win.