Spring 2019 Thursday St George Men’s Rec Basketball Player Points

TeamPlayerTotal Points this SeasonNumber of Games PlayedAverage Points per GameWeek 1 PointsWeek 2 PointsWeek 3 PointsWeek 5 PointsWeek 6 PointsWeek 7 PointsWeek 7 DH PointsWeek 8 PointsWeek 9 PointsWeek 10 Points
MetadataEric Miller122717.5269241521216
The ProcessMark Blakey1128142111237132908
MetadataTom Riordan105813.26161007321618
Yes or YesCJ Ryan1048139227181413183
With Our BallsMatt K.102520.41523231427
The ProcessJack Carney96812202121119059
Blue ChipsAtmik Pandya85712.231612212139
Yes or YesTom Herr85810.79171213107125
With Our BallsPeter81613.511140112916
Yes or YesBrian Pollard76612.71220814913
Blue ChipsVikas Gandhi7689.5108314613148
Yes or YesMark O'Connor755151518191013
Toon SquadKevin Adams73612.22012250016
Blue ChipsVatsai Pandya71514.21311171317
Yes or YesCharles Herr69513.81824999
With Our BallsEric H.6879.8137104111013
Wasted TalentNick Goodsped6479.210013138515
Toon SquadPatrick Klebba64884539914812
Yes or YesRobert Devine62610.41331581211
With Our BallsTim Strauts59511.825180016
Toon SquadJohn Pearl56877671911024
Purdue Pete's Secret LoversDustin Muenchau5469187150014
With Our BallsRichard O'Brien546975814614
Wasted TalentChris Curtin5168.5615401016
Purdue Pete's Secret LoversJosh Meyer4977011137846
The ProcessEric Silcroft4876.9197144013
With Our BallsBrian Foote4585.7113653872
Wasted TalentNathan Ontrop4576.5161371206
MetadataNick Griffin4385.4847261042
Purdue Pete's Secret LoversNick Davis4276612511800
MetadataDerrell Wright4094.5826600882
Wasted Talentbilly mccormick3866.41846712
Toon SquadDylan McDonough3866.421209213
Toon SquadDanny Sarillo3775.3112071043
MetadataKeenan King3684.5661700160
The ProcessMax Mazzeth3675.266012309
Purdue Pete's Secret LoversParker St John36660731484
Blue ChipsUpesh3649155124
Wasted TalentAndrew Beimford328427423464
Blue ChipsSumit Gohil3265.4825836
MetadataRyan Donk3183.9623510014
Wasted TalentKurt Rogers2947.3140150
Toon SquadSam Mago2974.244011550
Toon SquadJack Shea2773.921027204
The ProcessMatt Ryan2764.56400116
The ProcessMark McGee2655.2130832
MetadataJacob Caplan2573.65536033
Purdue Pete's Secret LoversJohn Hinz2546.311176
With Our BallsDerek John23211.5914
Yes or YesSteven Ryan2363.9934340
With Our BallsMartin2145.321360
Yes or YesLouis Baker1972.86245200
Purdue Pete's Secret LoversNate Vangen1972.80402490
Toon SquadTrevor Loew1982.422291201
The ProcessMax1829180
The ProcessScott1829126
Purdue Pete's Secret LoversTyler Barron1863555300
Toon SquadBen Bradshaw1744.37082
The ProcessEhizokha Ihionkhan1611616
Wasted TalentJohn Coleman1662.72010400
Wasted TalentMicheal Mahony1672.30853000
Wasted TalentTimothy Barr1653.206604
Blue ChipsTarpan Patel1562.5800025
MetadataBrian Aggen14722202080
The ProcessJake1434.71202
Blue ChipsRaj1411414
With Our BallsJason Pugh1234426
MetadataJim Buswell1252.484000
Blue ChipsRushi Shah1252.484000
Wasted TalentChris Watt1025010
The ProcessMichael McHugh102546
Purdue Pete's Secret LoversBrian Day933243
Blue ChipsSavrut Pandya961.5202050
Blue ChipsArjav832.7206
With Our BallsAldna7177
With Our BallsWill5155
Purdue Pete's Secret LoversDustin Wishmeyer431.4202
Blue ChipsNilav Pandya4412200
MetadataRyan Rogers4412020
Wasted TalentSteve4144
MetadataTrevor Jelonek4144
Blue ChipsPritesh3133
Purdue Pete's Secret LoversConnor Fitzgerald22102
The ProcessGlenn2122
Wasted TalentNed McElvain240.50200
MetadataRoy Rogers2122
Purdue Pete's Secret LoversMax Werner1111
The ProcessBrian030000
Little TurkeysBrian000
The ProcessCalvin0100
Little TurkeysDave000
The ProcessFisal0100
The ProcessJory Berg02000
Little TurkeysObrien000