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Nasty Narwhals (1-0) v. marcus evans (0-1) – Monday, April 01, and 2019

Nasty Narwhals blanked marcus evans with final score of 34-0.   If Nasty Narwhals keep it up on offense, you can count on them to keep seeing more success, as these guys are the highest-scoring team in the league through the opening week.  QB Adam threw four touchdowns, finding Hannah Rau, Sean, Colton, and Chris each for one of them and rushed for one more.  marcus evans may need to try something different on offense in order to turn things around, as they are the lowest-scoring team in the league through week one.  For Nasty Narwhals, next up is a showdown with Willis Towers Watson (1-0-0), as they look to keep up the momentum.   As for marcus evans they will have a game against Pics or it didn’t happen (0-1-0) as they attempt to get to the win column.


Willis Towers Watson (1-0) v. Pics or it didn’t happen (0-1) – Monday, April 01, and 2019

Willis Towers Watson put 32 on the board and held Pics or it didn’t happen to 13 points.  QB Brett Edlbeck passed four TDs, finding Max Ruskauff for two of them while Ashley and Car each caught one.   Brett also rushed in one on his own.  Despite losing, Pics or it didn’t happen has plenty of games to improve on the offensive side of the ball.  For Pics or it didn’t happen, QBs Maddie Gault and David Grosby each threw one touchdown hitting Andrew Bisping for one touchdown each.  Next week Willis Towers Watson will play Nasty Narwhals (1-0-0), as they look for another win early on this season.   For Pics or it didn’t happen next up is a game against marcus evans (0-1-0) as they look to bounce back.