Spring 2018 Sat LP (June 9th) Rec 8v8 Soccer – W3 Recaps

ManChestHair City (2-1) vs. INDY Team #3 (0-4) – Saturday, June 23, and 2018
ManChestHair City blanked INDY Team #3 with a final score of just 1-0. INDY Team #3 struggled to get it going on the offensive end in this one and came short of making it onto the scoreboard. Next week, INDY Team #3 take on Tortnados (1-1-0) in an attempt to get their first win. ManChestHair City seems to have found their groove and has won two games in a row. The club’s goalkeeper Adam Fominaya is credited with the shutout. To steer the crew’s attack, Fazil Mehmood accounted for one goal. Squad Goals (1-1-1) are next up on the calendar for ManChestHair City, as they look to keep it going.

Holiday FC (3-0) vs. Tortnados (1-1) – Saturday, June 23, and 2018
Holiday FC and Tortnados competed in a low scoring affair, combining for three goals. Holiday FC took home the 2-1 victory. Dave S scored the only goal for Tortnados to save their team from embarrassment. Winning all of their games so far this season, Holiday FC seem to be the team to try to beat. Esmeraldino Celestino kicked one goal to lead the team’s offense. INDY Team #3 (0-4-0) is next up on the calendar for Tortnados, as they look to rebound. Holiday FC will look to remain unbeaten next Saturday with a throwdown against Jimmy Saville’s U10s (1-1-1).

Squad Goals (1-1-1) vs. Jimmy Saville’s U10s (1-1-1) – Saturday, June 23, and 2018
Earning their first win of the season, Squad Goals beat Jimmy Saville’s U10s 1-1. For Squad Goals, Matt Rufener kicked one goal to lead the crew’s offense. This is Jimmy Saville’s U10s’s first tie this season and they’re currently sitting in third place in the standings. Elena Dennis was the star player for Jimmy Saville’s U10s this week. They scored the only goal for their team.Exiting week 3, Squad Goals looks ahead to ManChestHair City (2-1-0) who are next on the docket. For Jimmy Saville’s U10s next up is Holiday FC (3-0-0).