Spring 2018 Mon Lincoln Park Turf Coed Rec Flag Football-Week 7

Who Run The World (1-6-1) v. Nasty Narwhal (3-3-1) – Monday, June 4, 2018
This extremely close contest Who Run The World, the #3 seed, emerged as the victors against the #2 seed, Nasty Narwhal, by only a 5-point margin. By the score of 18-13, Who Run The World got a close victory. They showed up on D in this game, beating their season points against average of 23.4 points per game. QB Keri Lockett passed two TDs, passing to Jacklyn Bertram for one of them. The semi-final win for Who Run The World advanced them to the championship game. Read the Championship recap below to see how they finished. On the bright side for Nasty Narwhal, this loss means they can save their legs and recharge for next season.

Return of the Ians (7-1) v. Who Run The World (1-6-1) – Monday, June 4, 2018
In this Championship Game, the #1 team, Return of the Ians played the #3 team, Who Run The World, for the coveted Chicago Sport and Social Club long-sleeve champ shirts to forever capture their moment of glory. Return of the Ians put 20 on the board and held their opponent to 14 points. They stepped up on the defensive end, beating their season points against average of 19.3 points per game. QB Phillip Hurst delivered two touchdowns, hitting James Purgeson for one of them. In the loss for Who Run The World, QB Keri Lockett hit Jacklyn Bertram for one touchdown. Congratulations to Return of the Ians on a great season and their championship win! We hope to see this squad return to defend their title. Losing the championship game is never easy, but Who Run The World lost with grace. We hope to see them back next season for another chance at the title.