INDY Team #4 (0-0-3) vs. INDY Team #3 (1-1-3) – Monday, May 21, 2018
INDY Team #4 and INDY Team #3 were extremely well-matched and ended all tied up at 2-2. Optimism for players on INDY Team #4 is starting to taper as they have tied their last 3 games. For INDY Team #4, Nic Harris scored both of the team’s goals and has the highest average goals per game in the league. Exiting week 5, INDY Team #4 will look ahead to Yellow Cardinals (4-0-2) who are next on the docket. Also continuing a tie-streak, INDY Team #3 have tied 2 weeks in a row. In this week’s game, J. Charlie Driscoll and Evan Williamson each had a goal.  For INDY Team #3 they will go toe to toe with Inter Chicago (0-4-2) next week.


Yellow Cardinals (4-0-2) vs. Inter Chicago (0-4-2) – Monday, May 21, 2018
Just like earlier in the season, Yellow Cardinals won the rematch against Inter Chicago. This game finished with a final score of 3-0 and should be nominated as one of the cleanest games ever played in soccer history. Inter Chicago didn’t have their best stuff in terms of scoring in this game, but they’ve had 9 overall goals this season and might be waiting for playoffs to show their true potential. For the Yellow Cardinals, Bert Hicks is credited with the shut out in goal. To help earn the team the W, Kristen Holman scored an early goal followed by a goal from each of the Patricks (Morey and Futtner). Yellow Cardinals seek to remain perfect next Monday with a date against INDY Team #4 (0-0-3). Coming up for the last week of the regular season, Inter Chicago has a rematch against INDY Team #3 (1-1-3).