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Fall 2021 Monday Lincoln Park TURF Coed REC Flag Football – Player Stats

TeamPlayerTotal Passing TDsTotal Rushing TDsTotal Receiving TDsTotal Defensive TDsTotal TDsWeek 1 Passing TDsWeek 1 Rushing TDsWeek 1 Receiving TDsWeek 1 Defensive TDsWeek 2 Passing TDsWeek 2 Rushing TDsWeek 2 Receiving TDsWeek 2 Defensive TDsWeek 3 Passing TDsWeek 3 Rushing TDsWeek 3 Receiving TDsWeek 3 Defensive TDsWeek 4 Passing TDsWeek 4 Rushing TDsWeek 4 Receiving TDsWeek 4 Defensive TDsWeek 5 Passing TDsWeek 5 Rushing TDsWeek 5 Receiving TDsWeek 5 Defensive TDsWeek 6 Passing TDsWeek 6 Rushing TDsWeek 6 Receiving TDsWeek 6 Defensive TDsSemifinals Passing TDsSemifinals Rushing TDsSemifinals Receiving TDsSemifinals Defensive TDsChampionship Passing TDsChampionship Rushing TDsChampionship Receiving TDsChampionship Defensive TDs
Nasty NarwhalsClare Dorin00303111
Root Realty Football TeamMelissa Root00000
Nasty NarwhalsJackie Larkin00000
Yoast & Boone All AmericansDANIEL MCMAHON0051611211
Root Realty Football TeamMarc Fried00000
Yoast & Boone All Americansbridget carey00000
Root Realty Football TeamQuincy Wolff00505311
Yoast & Boone All AmericansDaniel Murphy103041111
Yoast & Boone All AmericansNatalie Vellutini00000
Yoast & Boone All AmericansLizzy Lynch00000
Yoast & Boone All AmericansCameron Olson811010123112
Root Realty Football TeamCharles Mahone II00303111
3rd and SchlongPhil Ganser0030312
3rd and SchlongSean Coyne00909122211
3rd and SchlongCody Kirby60801441221112
3rd and SchlongJordan Houston110111314251
3rd and SchlongEmma Flynn0030312
Root Realty Football TeamJoseph Root00000
Root Realty Football TeamRoot Realty00000
Root Realty Football TeamDan Sider120001244121
Root Realty Football Teamkevin itima11103111
Root Realty Football TeamJenna Stacy001011
Yoast & Boone All AmericansCole Mitchell00000
Root Realty Football TeamKaitlyn VanHekken100011
Yoast & Boone All AmericansKevin Dingens001011
Root Realty Football TeamEsteban Rosales000111
Nasty NarwhalsAdam Studzinski0020211
Nasty NarwhalsHannah Rau10203111
Nasty NarwhalsKevin Sweetland003141111
Nasty NarwhalsBlake Little0060611121
Nasty NarwhalsMatthew Maciaszek104052111
Yoast & Boone All AmericansBlair Bigwood006061212
Root Realty Football TeamBrett Hietala00404211
3rd and SchlongRachael Lenderman102141111
Yoast & Boone All AmericansDan Rooker001011
Yoast & Boone All AmericansCourtney Good00000
Nasty NarwhalsAnthony Andracki002022
Yoast & Boone All AmericansLauren Kaser00000
Yoast & Boone All AmericansSarah Stillpass001011
Yoast & Boone All AmericansMartha Murphy2000211
3rd and SchlongMarek201141111
Nasty NarwhalsTim110101212216
Nasty NarwhalsTony7000743
Nasty NarwhalsChris0020211
Yoast & Boone All AmericansCarley70007322
Nasty NarwhalsMurphy5000541
3rd and SchlongSam400044
3rd and SchlongWalsh001011
3rd and SchlongKam400044

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