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Train Wreck (7-1-1) vs. Kick in a Box (2-6-1) – Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Train Wreck were coming off their top offensive game of the season, scoring 9 goals last week. Additionally, they were the higher ranked #2 seed playing the #6 seed, Kick in a Box. They took the win to advance to the Championship Game. Kick in a Box struggled to get it going on offense in this one and came short of making it onto the scoreboard. This week, Train Wreck came ready for a double header. This was the better played match, which helped them lock in their #2 rank in the standings table. is the goalkeeper credited with the shutout for Train Wreck. Helping on the offense, Ben was among those who scored in this playoff win for Train Wreck. Kick in a Box is done with playoffs, which means it’s time for a team meeting at the bar to regroup for next season. The semi-final win for Train Wreck advanced them to the championship game. Read the Championship recap below to see how they finished.

Blue Guys (8-0-1) vs. Train Wreck (7-1-1) – Wednesday, December 4, 2019

It was a Championship Game written for the movies. The #1 team, Blue Guys played the #2 team, Train Wreck for the prestigious long-sleeve shirts forever capturing the moment of glory. Blue Guys have a lot of scoring power. They’re averaging 3 goals per game. Femi Aboloye leads Blue Guys this season in scoring and added 4 goals to their stats this week bringing Femi Aboloye’s personal total to 6. Congratulations to Blue Guys on a great season and their championship win! We hope to see this squad return to defend their title. Train Wreck had a double header this week. This was the tougher match of the two, but at least the loss didn’t ding their standings too bad as they still sit at the top of the table in 2nd place. Ben scored the only goal for Train Wreck to save them from a shutout. Being one of the top two teams, Train Wreck was optimistic heading into the championship match, so this loss is a tough one. But they definitely have what it takes to win and we expect to see them doing well again next season.

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