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Fall 2019 Wed Lincoln Park South TURF Men’s Competitive Flag Football – Week 1

Chicago Care Bears (1-0) v. Favre Dollar Footlongs (0-1) – Wednesday, October 9, and 2019

With a final score of 31-12, Chicago Care Bears remain unbeaten this year. Despite the win, these guys are the lowest-scoring team in the league early on for the season. QB Vincent Ngo delivered five TDs, hitting Mike for two of them. It’s only week one, but Favre Dollar Footlongs are the lowest-scoring team in the league so far. In the loss for Favre Dollar Footlongs, QB Adam Shiltz hit Isaac Hamlin for one touchdown. Exiting week 1, Chicago Care Bears will look ahead to keep their early season momentum. Wolves of Marcey St (0-1-0) are next on the calendar for Chicago Care Bears.   For Favre Dollar Footlongs next up is a matchup against Money Team (1-0-0) as they strive to bounce back.

Money Team (1-0) v. Wolves of Marcey St (0-1) – Wednesday, October 9, and 2019

The final score of 32-12 reflects the hard work Money Team put into every minute of the game. The season is still young, but Money Team are the early leaders in scoring. QB Jeff Zabrin delivered two TDs, finding Steve for all of them and ran for three with his legs. Wolves of Marcey St may have to try something new on offense in order to start winning, as they are the lowest-scoring team in the league through the opening week. During the loss, QB Joe Geraldi hit Kevin for two touchdowns. Money Team will attempt to stay atop the Standings with another W in week 2. Favre Dollar Footlongs (0-1-0) are next on the calendar for Money Team.   For Wolves of Marcey St next on the docket is Chicago Care Bears (1-0-0) as they look to rebound.

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